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9 Ways to Embrace Change for More Success and Happiness

Embrace change – because it’s your greatest opportunity.

Everything moves fast. And learning to accept change is essential to achieve lasting success and happiness.

But there’s more.

Change creates exceptional opportunities to accelerate your career and personal growth. 

Though it never feels like that in the heat of the moment.

For example, Steve Jobs felt devastated after getting fired from his own company, Apple. But he later said it was an opportunity to start over and pursue new ideas. 

When Jobs returned, he used his newly gained experience to turn Apple into one of the most successful companies in the world.

Change is scary – but also your greatest opportunity.

So how can you accept and embrace change to get ahead, whether in your personal life, at work, or both?

Let’s dive in to find out!

What it means to embrace change

Embracing change means that you accept the current chaotic and uncertain times. And it means doing your best to navigate these challenging times with a positive mental attitude.

Yes, you’ll experience fear and self-doubt.

How can you not?

By default, change causes uncertainty. And uncertain times lead to fear of the unknown

But fear is often a good signal.

Allow me to explain.

The importance of embracing change in your personal life

Change happens all the time. 

That’s obvious when you look at technological innovations – but it’s also true in your personal life.

Think about small changes, like meeting new people, doing a different task at work, or exploring a new hobby or interest. 

But what about more defining and fearful moments?

Starting or changing your career, for example. Or what about deciding to travel around the world or move to another city?

Navigating such changes is challenging and sometimes painful. But they’re also your biggest opportunity for personal growth

Tough times are the best teachers. 

Adversity shapes your character, builds resilience, and develops self-confidence. These skills prepare you for a more successful and fulfilling life.

So while change is scary, its potential is exciting.

The importance of embracing change at work

Resist change, and you’ll get left behind.

But embracing change at work enables you to stay open and benefit from one of many opportunities to accelerate your career.

Imagine the experiences – good and bad – you can gain during times of change in the workplace. 

That’s quite useful, especially for young professionals.

Amazing things happened when I decided to pursue a career based on its learning potential, not the highest short-term salary. It allowed me to become a freelancer, travel around the world, plus a good income.

Here’s the deal:

Embrace change at work because it’s an opportunity to improve your skills and get ahead.

9 Ways to embrace change

Embracing change is difficult.

While some people need more certainty than others, everyone needs a degree of stability. Think about a reliable source of income, for example.

So how can you accept and embrace change while it’s happening?

Let’s take a look.

#1: Embrace failure

Change means something new is happening.

And that includes failure.

Navigating change means doing things you’ve never done before. Or at least not in the exact way they’re occurring right now.

That means you lack experience.

And when you lack experience, you make mistakes.

That’s okay.

Mistakes are not the enemy. 

The enemy is the need to avoid mistakes at all costs

That’s a big difference.

There’s no guarantee of perfection in the chaos. Although you can strive for perfection, you must accept that mistakes will happen. 

Because they will.

Besides, everyone else makes mistakes too.

And while no one likes making mistakes, acknowledging, embracing, and learning from them will give you a competitive edge.

#2: Reframe your perspective

Reframing is a powerful technique to bend your reality without making any changes in the physical world.

You see, your perspective influences your reality.

While two people can experience the same event, their viewpoints can differ so much that you wonder if they did.

That’s the power of perspective.

You can struggle to accept change and worry about everything you can lose. “What if nothing is ever going to be the same?”

Or you can reframe your perspective.

You can say: “Change is inevitably going to happen. And although I can’t change that fact, I can decide what to do next. I can decide to make the best of it and come out stronger on the other side.”

You can bend reality by changing your perspective.

Nurturing a can-do attitude and fostering a positive attitude is essential to embracing change.

#3: Gain certainty

Of course, there’s a need for certainty during uncertain times. And some people need more of it than others.

That’s okay.

You can gain certainty in chaotic times.

But you should focus on what you can control.

Think about developing good habits and building empowering routines. These elements can serve as your anchor in the storm.

Here are some ideas:

  • Healthy eating habits are essential during challenging times. The fuel you put inside your body impacts your energy levels.
  • Cooking can take your mind off work and daily stress. And it works perfectly in combination with the first item.
  • An exercise routine is my all-time favorite. I never skip workouts because they’re one of the few things I do daily.
  • Drink more water. Simple health habits greatly affect your overall well-being, especially during stressful times.
  • Spend time with family and friends. Even if you’re struggling for time, free some to connect with the most important people.
  • Get quality sleep. You know its importance, but do you live by it?
  • Meditation, reading books, or walking are great habits to gain certainty in the chaos, even if you can only exercise them for 10 minutes a day due to your busy schedule.
  • Reward yourself by playing video games or watching your favorite series at night. Yes, you want to push yourself and persist through challenges. But you also want to recover so you can go hard again tomorrow – and the day after.

In my previous job, I established a powerful morning routine checklist to set me up for the day. Even on horrible days, I felt accomplished because I spent the morning doing what was most important to me.

What is a habit or routine that will power you through the chaos?

#4: Set goals

Trying to accept change during turbulent times can feel overwhelming. 

So what can you do when you feel out of control?

Set goals.

Goals provide clarity and direction. And that gives you the power to take back control and navigate the situation.

Short-term goals are especially important.

  • What do you need to achieve to make this week a success?
  • What goals do you set to maintain your energy and sanity?
  • And how do those two translate into daily goals?

Recently, I felt lost with the many changes in my life. But then I realized that I stopped setting weekly and daily goals.

What happened when I set them again?

They immediately provided clarity and empowered me to take meaningful action while reducing procrastination.

Never underestimate the power of goal-setting for clarity.

#5: Generate clarity

While goals can provide quality, what if you feel stuck and need clarification on what goals to set?

That’s where self-awareness comes into play.

If you feel lost and struggle to set meaningful goals, you want to take a step back to self-reflect. 

Try your best to answer these questions to gain clarity on what to do next.

But remember that it won’t be perfect.

Struggle is part of the process of creating a fulfilling life. However, trying to reinvent yourself is better than sitting on the sidelines, wondering, “what if…”.

#6: Try new things

It’s always a good idea to keep experimenting. 

Continuously seeking novel ideas and activities increases your self-confidence and prepares you for more difficult and uncertain times. 

Take on a project you wouldn’t usually do. Step into a leadership role by taking radical responsibility. Pick up activities that no one else wants to do.

Think outside your job description.

And outside of work, think about new hobbies and interests to explore. Try a different sport. And why not read a different kind of book or learn a new skill?

Where to start?

Listen to your intuition: what feels right but scares you?

Start there.

#7: Lean into opportunities

Transitioning periods create massive opportunities for those ready to take responsibility and embrace them. 

Are you ready for it?

Probably not.

The truth is that we rarely feel ready. Leaping into new opportunities is scary. It ignites inner resistance like fear and self-doubt.

That’s okay.

Try to test the waters of new opportunities anyway. 

Stay on the lookout for emerging trends, connect with your peers, and speak up when something new piques your interest.

Again, self-awareness helps in this situation. 

But you’ll benefit from taking action even if you struggle to identify what you want. After all, action breeds clarity.

Here’s a personal example:

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of software development. And when the opportunity presented itself to become part of the team that developed our internal tool, I took it with both hands.

I actively contributed and took on more responsibilities than I had to. And when the product owner left the company, I was ready to fill his shoes.

That was an incredible experience.

But it was also scary at first. 

I wondered if I would enjoy managing a product and team because I loved just working on my own thing. But embracing this opportunity taught me a lot about myself.

Here’s a unique idea to embrace change:

See it as a fun experiment or at least as a valuable experience for personal and professional growth.

In the worst case, you learn what you dislike. And that’s valuable too.

#8: Persist through turbulence

While change happens all the time, it doesn’t last forever. And the cycle of chaos and harmony will repeat throughout your existence.

So if you’re in the midst of it, hold onto the idea that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And remind yourself why change is essential for a fulfilling and successful life.

Eventually, the dust will settle.

After all, what’s the alternative?

Giving up?

Resisting change until it becomes too painful?

I prefer to accept change and embrace its temporary struggles. Because I know that no matter what happens, I’ll end up stronger on the other side.

What about you?

#9: Guard your mind

Your mind is the most powerful tool in the world – or your worst enemy.

Allow me to explain.

The brain is a powerful beast that comes up with the wildest thoughts, imaginations, and fears. It’s your greatest ally in survival, problem-solving, and turning dreams into reality.

But the opposite is true too.

Failure to control your thoughts and your mind becomes an untamed animal, producing a constant flow of negative ones.

Everyone experienced that before. Think about fears with almost 0% chance of happening, like all the what-ifs.

Watch your mind, especially during uncertain times.

Self-reflection practices like meditation and journaling are helpful for gaining awareness of your dominant thoughts. And awareness is the first step to transforming those thoughts.

Alternatively, listen to inspiring things. 

For example, I listen to positive self-improvement books on Audible.

Guard your mind against negativity and fuel it with positive ideas and inspiration. You’ll feel happier.

What’s next?

The greatest opportunities arise during the most chaotic times. You can make a giant leap forward by letting go of the past and embracing change with open arms.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Focusing on progress is the best thing you can do. Take small steps forward, even if you feel like falling down.

Change can be a blessing and a curse – you decide which one.

Move forward and create your best life

The mission of Inside Out Mastery is to inspire and empower you to create a more fulfilling life.

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