Super73 launches Adventure Series and first e-bike for danger babies

California’s Super73 now offers more ruggedized models of its Super73 Z, S, and R series of e-bikes and a new K1D electric balance bike for kids — and parents stoked at the thought of putting their four- to eight-year-old on a vehicle that can go over 16mph.

The so-called Adventure Series of e-bikes brings a refreshed design, suspension, gear box, seats, tires, and lights across Super73’s existing Z (entry-level commuter), S (multipurpose cruiser), and R (flagship power) e-bikes. All the electric bikes in the series feature front suspension, while some offer fully adjustable front and rear suspension. S and R models also had their battery moved to the down tube, which should improve handling thanks to a lower center of gravity.

The Adventure Series.
Image: Super73

Meanwhile, the Super73 K1D (get it, sk8er?) is an electric balance bike with regenerative braking and throttle aimed at four-to-eight-year-olds. It offers 60 minutes of ride time (after a 45-minute charge) from its small and swappable 92.8Wh lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP or LiFePO4).

LFP batteries are safer and last longer than the traditional lithium-ion batteries most e-bike makers use, including Super73. The K1D is the first Super73 e-bike to use LFP, and the company is exploring its wider adoption. “Our engineering team is looking into incorporating LFP in the future,” says Super73 spokesperson Mike Whitmark, “but it has not been something we have committed ourselves to yet.”

The K1D electric balance bike comes in four colors.
Image: Super73

The K1D can be put into three different speed modes. Mode one goes up to seven mph, mode two up to 13mph, and mode three “up to 16+ mph,” according to data provided by Super73. The lower two modes can be easily changed by the kid, but “Track Mode” is locked and meant to be unlocked by parents for use on a closed course. Parents can do this by holding the appropriate buttons for the correct amount of time, which means kids will eventually figure it out as well.

You can preorder the Super73 K1D now for $1,295 for delivery in early June.

The Super73 Z Adventure starts at $2,695 in the US and €3,599 in tax-inclusive Europe, the S Adventure starts at $3,595 / €4,399, and the R Adventure starts at $3,995 / €5,399. You can preorder now with deliveries expected in six to 10 weeks, depending on the colorway chosen.

The Super73 ZX in new aluminum colorway.
Image: Super73

The company also announced new colors for its non-Adventure Series e-bikes, including this sick “aluminum” Super73 ZX.

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