Strategies for More Freedom and Joy with Jenny Blake

Free Time: Strategies for More Freedom and Joy with Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake was experiencing burnout and imposter syndrome. Before starting her business, she felt like she had no right to speak to anyone about her passion in business because she came from a startup background and didn’t have a “successful” company under her belt. When Blake finally gave herself permission to speak about business publicly, she discovered she had a unique view on systems and operational efficiency.

Since then, the lessons she learned about leading with intuition has changed her entire outlook on life. The New York-based international keynote speaker and “solo’plus’preneur” is the author of Free Time and Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One. Blake teaches readers and listeners how to build with ease and joy for all involved, not just for the owner at the expense of the employees.

Blake and In the Details host Karen Allen discuss how to decouple ourselves from our arbitrary time constraints, why she believes not just in high-net worth but in high-net freedom and why the hard work is aligning ourselves and designing the systems to productively free up our time.

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