Woman Wins Lottery After Spending Savings on Cancer Treatment

It’s a well-deserved win.

A lucky lottery winner in Lakeland, Florida, claimed a $2 million winning prize off a $10 scratch-off ticket on April 7, choosing to take her earnings in a lump sum delivery of $1.645 million.

When Geraldine Gimblet bought the scratcher, she was having a difficult time, as her daughter had just finished treatment for breast cancer.

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“The day before my mom bought this ticket, I rang the bell and walked out of the hospital after completing my last treatment for breast cancer,” Gimblet’s daughter told the Florida Lottery. “My mom had taken out her life savings to take care of me when I was sick. I’m just so happy for her!”

“Ringing the bell” happens when a patient completes a prescribed course of treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Many took to social media to congratulate Gimblet on her big win.

Pipkin Road Beverage Castle, the convenience store where Gimblet purchased the winning ticket, will receive a $2,000 prize for selling the winning numbers.

The Florida Lottery estimates games played in the state have paid out over $85.8 billion to winners and have made over 3,500 players millionaires.

Gimblet wasn’t the only one winning big in recent lottery drawings.

Earlier this month, 61-year-old Earl Lape of Iowa purchased a winning $40 million jackpot ticket — but didn’t believe that he had actually won because he had ironically purchased the ticket on April 1, a.k.a. April Fools’ Day.

“I thought it was a joke,” Lape said, per the Associated Press.

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