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There are hundreds of billionaires today who have created staggering levels of success from practically nothing. They found ways to leverage the opportunities that were available to them, and as a result, accumulated massive amounts of wealth for themselves. Expectedly, their impressive financial feats are often admired and dreamed about by most of us.

But we don’t just have to dream and admire their success. We too can join their ranks, or get nearer to it if we truly wish too. How? By learning how they think and operate. Becoming a billionaire is available to us all, especially to those who eagerly seek out other billionaires to learn form.

“Before You Can Become A Billionaire, You Must Learn How To Think Like One.”

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have east access to a billionaire whom we could simply strike up a friendly conversation with to learn of their successful ways. However, we do have the next best thing; which are books they’ve written and inspiring advice they’ve given. So, to help you adopt a billionaire mindset, and possibly a similar success, I’ve garnered some of the most inspiring billionaire quotes ever.

So, if you’re ready to learn a bit more about billionaires and their inspiring ways, let’s get right to these powerful billionaire quotes.


Best Billionaire Quotes

1. “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” – Warren Buffett

2. “All you have in business is your reputation. So, it’s very important that you keep your word.” – Richard Branson

3. “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

4. “I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” – Jeff Bezos

5. “Whether you’ve found your calling, or if you’re still searching, passion should be the fire that drives your life’s work.” – Michael Dell

6. “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow.” – Ingvar Kamprad

7. “Money is misunderstood. The fact is if you want to be successful the money will follow you. If you are a doctor, something else will follow you. If you are successful, there is an accompaniment and If your goal is just to make money, you won’t succeed. Money is a commodity to use, not to be dictated by.” – Frank Lowy

8. “Money is just a consequence. I always say to my team, ‘Don’t worry too much about profitability. If you do your job well, the profitability will come.” – Bernard Arnault

9. ‘‘No action is too small when it comes to changing the world… I’m inspired every time I meet an entrepreneur who is succeeding against all odds’’ – Cyril Ramaphosa

10. ”After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.” – Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis Billionaire Quote

11. “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.” – Elon Musk

12. “Talent without effort is wasted talent. And while the effort is the one thing you can control in your life, applying that effort intelligently is next on the list.” – Mark Cuban

13. “The secret of success lies not in doing your work, but in recognizing the best person to do it.” – Andrew Carnegie

14. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg

15.Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” – J. Paul Getty

16. “Vision is perhaps our greatest strength… it has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries, it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown.” – Li Ka-Shing

17. “I’ll keep working until the end.” – Amancio Ortega

18. “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.” – H. Ross Perot

19. “If you are in business, you are not enjoying. You are working” – Carlos Slim Helu

20. “I believe people have to follow their dreams – I did.” – Larry Ellison

21. “Relentlessly strive to come up with new and better products and produce them more efficiently than the alternatives.” – Charles Koch

22. “When the rate of change outside is more than what is inside, be sure that the end is near.” – Azim Premji

23. “What other people label or might try to call failure, I have learned is just God’s way of pointing you in a new direction” – Oprah Winfrey

24. “Don’t think you are unstoppable or foolproof. Don’t think that the only way your business will work is through perfection. And don’t aim for perfection. Aim for success.” – Eike Batista

25.Failure is not the outcome – failure is not trying. Don’t be afraid to fail.” – Sara Blakely

26. “Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future.” – Larry Page

27. “For me, businesses are like buses. You stand on a corner and you don’t like where the first bus is going? Wait ten minutes and take another. Don’t like that one? They’ll just keep coming. There’s no end to buses or businesses.” – Sheldon Adelson

28. “Patience is a key element of success.” – Bill Gates

29. “Every time I make a mistake with a company, I write it out and try to figure out why it happened.” – Garrett Champ

30. “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

billionaire mindset quote by henry ford

31. “You can worry about the competition or you can focus on what’s ahead of you and drive fast.” – Jack Dorsey

32. “Have fun. The game is a lot more enjoyable when you’re trying to do more than just make money.” – Tony Hsieh

33. “I learned from my dad that change and experimentation are constants and important. You have to keep trying new things.” – S. Robson Walton

34. “Hard work certainly goes a long way. These days a lot of people work hard, so you have to make sure you work even harder and really dedicate yourself to what you are doing and setting out to achieve.” – Lakshmi Mittal

35. “I’ve never chased money. It’s always been about what I can do to motivate and inspire people.” – Tyler Perry

36. “I feel like in a world where we all try to figure out our place and our purpose here, your passions are one of your most obvious guides.” – Nick Woodman

37. “I think that our fundamental belief is that for us growth is a way of life and we have to grow at all times.” – MukeshAmbani

38. “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” – Ted Turner

39. “In Life, you don’t get anywhere or do anything you hope to without some sort of sacrifice.” – Stephen Saad

40. “Always remember, your focus determines your reality” – George Lucas

41. “I am not a person who pursues luxury. I am not like those people who, once they have money, compulsively squander it or show it off.” – Wang Jianlin

42. “If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.” – John D Rockefeller

43. “I realized that in a lot of failures, there is a lot of opportunities.” – Clive Palmer

44. “Do the things other’s don’t want to do.” – John Paul DeJoria

45. “There has to be a balance in life. A balance of business, family, and the opportunity to learn and teach.” –  Chuck Feeney

46.  “If you want to get rich, think of saving as earning.” – Andrew Carnegie

47. “I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world.” – Rihanna

48. “There are very few people in the world who get to build a business like this. I think trading that for some short-term gain isn’t very interesting.” – Evan Spiegel

49. “If we go to work at 8 a.m. and go home at 5 p.m., this is not a high-tech company and Alibaba will never be successful. If we have that kind of 8-to-5 spirit, then we should just go and do something else.” – Jack Ma

50. “You are what you think. So just think big, act big, work big, give big, forgive big, laugh big, love big, and live big.” – Andrew Carnegie

billionaire quote by andrew carnegie

51. “If you are hardworking and determined, you will make it and that’s the bottom line. I don’t believe in an easy way through.” – Isabel dos Santos

52. “I’m not comfortable with comfort. I’m only comfortable when I’m in a place where I’m constantly learning and growing.” – Kanye West

53. “The best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people.” – Peter H. Diamandis

54. “Be obsessed, or be average.” – Grant Cardone

55. “Follow your intuition.” – Steven Spielberg

56. “The key to success is failure.” – Michael Jordan

57. “Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” – Jack Ma

58. “America is built around this premise that you can do it, and there are an awful lot of people who are unlikely to have done it.” – Michael Bloomberg

59. “I think when it comes to decisions. I try not to be emotional. To drown out the noise and look at the important facts.” – David Tepper

60. “The only way you are going to have success is to have lots of failures first.” – Sergey Brin

Bonus Billionaire Quote

Bonus Quote: Here is one last billionaire quote to pull some wisdom from. It is from one of the world’s richest men, Bernard Arnault. It is a key piece of advice, especially because in this day and age, “they” want you to believe that this quality is no longer good, or valued. BUT… if you want to get rich, if you want to become a BILLIONAIRE, pay heed to these words from the richest billionaire of them all!

“I am very competitive. I always want to win.” – Bernard Arnault


These billionaire quotes were born out of mixed experiences, failures, and ultimately the breakthroughs of some of the most successful billionaires throughout history. And while these quotes won’t change your life instantaneously, they undoubtedly retain the ingredients that can help you think like a billionaire and perhaps eventually even earn like one.

With that being said, I hope you’ll capitalize on these insights and leverage them for a successful lifestyle and a richer future.

Till next time,


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