10 Unbelievably Cheapest Countries to Travel to in Africa

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It is generally assumed that flying to African countries is a lot cheaper in comparison to other continents. Nevertheless, there are ways to compare not just the cost of flight tickets but total travel expenses to be covered.
Also speaking of this, cheap countries to travel to in Africa does not mean unsafe or irrelevant. Though, it comprises the natural environment, concept, destinations and more affordable cost of living in the country during your visit.

See a list of cheap countries you can tour in Africa below

10 Cheapest countries to travel in Africa


Are you looking for an affordable country to explore on a budget? Then you should find Malawi quite intriguing and welcoming.
First, there are diverse regions within the country to tour without paying a dime. Although this excludes transportation costs in some cases it’s below 5,000 Naira (in conversion from Malawi currency) to visit different sites.

Furthermore, ignoring the regular flight fares to get to Malawi which might be on the high side, you can make up for this by preparing to settle on a budget. This is when you arrive in Malawi and you have to consider feeding, accommodation, tourism and transportation.

However, you will spend few thousand Naira to have a swell time in Malawi. Given that 1 Malawi currency is approximately 0.42 Naira, now do your Mathematics.
In addition, you will find out that meeting new people and having fun exploring historical destinations is a plus. Hence, you can get nice meals, and explore the famous safaris and freshwater lakes in Malawi.


Visiting Kenya in the Eastern part of Africa comes with a price, yet affordable. Although, Kenya has more wildlife zones, mountains and adventurous sites you can not ignore it.
One major way to enjoy your tour to Kenya alone is to obtain a single entry visa which costs $51. However, you can apply for the East Africa tourist Africa visa as a plus.
With the availability of direct flights, you might not spend much on your tour to Kenya. Nevertheless, just make sure you create a travel plan to help you avoid sending much.


With a 30-day visa-on-arrival option, Uganda is also a cheap African country to visit. Also, a highlight on safety and security, access to fresh farm produce for food and drinks, Uganda is a favourable destination.
There are thousands of spots ranging from rivers, freshwater lakes, safaris, natural habitats and so on that you can freely visit. Plus, the paid destinations cost less than $50 and you might discover that you have explored several places.

To lessen your trip and also help you cut down on expenses, you might want to consider the East tourist Africa visa which is just $103(including bank charges). This visa covers your trip to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for 90 days.

Therefore, this means more time to explore and the chance to also prepare an accurate budget that would contain your feeding, tourism, transportation and lodging. Besides, it doesn’t cost so much to get all of these sorted.


Again, Rwanda is also a cheap African country to visit and have a perfect hiking experience. First, it applies that the visa-on-arrival option works for Nigerians, however, you can apply for the Rwanda tourist visa online.

Besides, the visa costs $50 and you also have the East Tourist Africa visa option, comprising tourism to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. However, visiting Rwanda for tourism is quite affordable because you can tour destinations for free too.
Furthermore, shopping for handcrafted accessories, local foods, artworks and so on is surprisingly inexpensive. Thus, within your 30 days of adventure, you will realise how economical a Rwanda tour can be.

Plus, this includes housing, feeding, lodging, movements and excursion to the mounts, parks and lakes.


One incredible destination in Africa that you can visit at almost no cost is Sudan. Sudan is located in the northern part of Africa and it has proximity to Egypt.
However, there are a lot of places you can just walk into for sightseeing in Sudan. In addition, laws are placed strictly on the sales of certain produce therefore you will not have to spend so much on beers, alcohol and so on.

Furthermore, you will find lodges amazingly cheap which cost a little above $3-$5 for a night or two. Hence, all your daily bills might not even be close to $30 including feeding.
On a lighter note, you might not even pay for food if you are so friendly with the locals who are farmers. If you know what I mean by that analysis and just a few appreciation tips will be enough.


Midway, with consideration of the cost of tourism and living, one can conclude that Morocco is fairly affordable to visit. One of the fascinating reasons behind this is the abundance of destinations that can be toured for less.

Morocco which exists in Northern Africa is known for the famous Sahara desert, the city of Casablanca and many more UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also, there is an exciting historical setting that you just have to experience in Morocco.
Similarly, all of these are evident in the culture, lifestyle, native food, museums and language of the Moroccans.

Although you might want to check out cheap airfare on multiple airline carriers that fly direct and indirect routes between Nigeria and Morocco. This will save you a lot of money and time too.
However, to stay in Morocco for a day or three, you will spend less than 30,000 Naira per day (600 Dirham) on accommodation, tourism and feeding.


Egypt is a great home for age-old adventure, historical learning and a great deal of research. It covers the fact that you can visit one of the most popular destinations in Egypt – The pyramid of Gaza for an amazingly low fee.

Also, Egypt has fascinating museums, archaeological sites, buildings, culture and exhibitions. Thus, you can stay in cheap lodges and also get snack bites, food and drinks at local restaurants.
In addition, the transportation cost is reasonable and you might just discover that you can save more travelling by bus. Therefore spending between $50 -$100 for your total stay.


For affordable beach and island resorts vacation in Africa, Tanzania should be your first stop. Although this covers the fact that it is quite affordable for a family holiday on a budget too, especially at an all-inclusive resort.

Zanzibar which is one famous city in Tanzania has a lot of beach resorts, from luxurious hotels to fairly impressive ones. However, you will experience the waterfront waves with a grand and breathtaking view.
Asides from beaches in Tanzania, there are historical sites that will not cost you so much to visit and also affordable lodges. Tanzania is one of the cheapest African countries to visit for a mind-blowing sandy beach experience without having to pay so much too.


As a sister to Nigeria, Ghana is well among the cheap countries to travel to even with flight tickets in consideration. This is why thousands of Nigerians can also decide to visit Ghana at any point in time.
First, you do not need a visa to Ghana within 90 days when you will have to get a visa on arrival. Therefore a short vacation of about two weeks will do just fine.

Also, you can travel to Ghana by bus, which could be longer but cheaper in comparison with aeroplanes. As well, tourism and cultural heritage are lit in Ghana and you can have fun at major beaches, museums and destinations at a cheaper price.
In addition, all of these are not to be compared with most African countries because in choosing Ghana, you also have access to cheaper accommodation and feeding.


Mozambique is one cheap destination in Africa for water tourism. This includes diverse options to enjoy water sports, kayaking, boat rides, jet skiing and more.
Although, the cost of lodging, feeding and transport in Mozambique can perfectly fit into less than a thousand dollars budget. However, you need to know your way around, especially when you need accommodation or a proper meal.

Similarly, you can tour different places at almost no cost and enjoy ocean views and the experience of the African continent in Mozambique.

Travel tips when visiting African countries

  • Take note of considerable weather changes
    Certain regions in Africa are prone to drastic changes in weather, especially if they are mountainous or hilly. Therefore, you might want to consider both light and thick clothing.
    Also, for sandy areas or forest regions where sand flies or mosquitoes are, you should have insect repellent and long clothes or socks packed for such areas.
  • Get your backpacks ready
    Depending on your trip, you can prepare your backpacks to contain sunshades, water bottles, torch lights and any other necessary items.
    Thus, you can pack your bags early enough so you don’t forget the essentials.
  • Hiking shoes and sandals will do just fine
    Safaris, sandy areas, deserts, mountains and hills are locations where you need different types of shoes. You can either choose to add these to your luggage or plan to shop for one upon arrival.
  • Souvenirs shopping can be a great part of your adventure
    After your tour, you might as well find it thoughtful to get nice gifts, handcrafted jewellery, accessories and souvenirs. All these can be bought at any African shopping mall or store.
  • Create memories by taking beautiful pictures
    Surely, there will always be a nice spot to capture memorable moments at any destination in Africa. It could be on the beach, mountain, safari, lake, park or restaurant.
    Hence wherever you are, your camera should be ready to do the needful.


You must have heard of the East Tourist Africa Visa, this is another affordable way to fly. This is because it consists of a flight visa to three African countries- Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for just $100.
Moreover, on a regular level, this fee is not even cost as much as a single tour to certain European or American countries.

Furthermore, the adventure in African countries, culture and biodiversity is on another experiential level. You should visit an African country soon by making a selection from the list above.
Certainly, it is even easier to obtain travel visas or let’s even mention visa-free countries for Nigeria too. Most of these countries are African countries, thus you just need a flight ticket or a bus pass and you’re good to go.

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