How To Book Flight In Nigeria For First-Time Travellers

book flight in Nigeria

Booking a flight for the first time in Nigeria can be daunting, especially with all the different airlines, applications, routes, and prices available. However, with some planning and a few simple tips and some little information, you can save money and book a cheap flight at the best rate. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time. Here are some steps to help you book a flight in Nigeria as a first-time traveller.

Be flexible with your travel dates: Airlines often have different prices for flights on different days of the week, so try to be flexible and fly on weekdays instead of weekends. Also, try to book your flight several months in advance to take advantage of early bird specials or last-minute deals.

The most important part of your travel to whatever destination asides from obtaining a visa is booking a flight. This is because it covers both local and international travel.
Thus, we have provided all you need for your next stopover on the Maldives island for a cozy vacation or a journey of discovery to developed nations.
Therefore, you might want to read this article to discover how to run the process of booking whatever type of flight effectively.

Tips to note when booking a flight

Use a comparison website: There are several comparison websites, such as Travelstart, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights, that allow you to compare prices from multiple airlines for the same route. This can help you find the best deal for your budget as a first-time traveller.

Sign up for email alerts

Many airlines offer email alerts for special deals and promotions. These alerts will give you updates on the latest and cheapest deals. By signing up for these alerts, you can be among the first to know about a sale or special offer.

Check budget airlines

Look out for budget airlines, they often offer cheap flights. Be sure to check these airlines, as well as the major airlines, when you are comparing prices.

Book directly with the airline

Booking directly with the airline is usually cheaper than using a travel agent. However, be sure to check the airline’s website as well as comparison websites to get the best deal.

Look for bundled packages

Some airlines offer bundled packages which may include your flight, hotel, tours and rental car. These packages can be a great way to save money, especially if you are travelling to a popular destination.

Consider alternative airports

Consider flying into a smaller airport nearby your destination. It may have cheaper flights, and you can rent a car or take public transportation to your final destination.

Timely booking

Timely booking of flights before the day is also one of the ways to ensure a cheaper price. However, you can search for travel deals using dates before and after your travel dates. To add to the above, this works for flight bookings that might fall on public holidays or major holidays.

Identify the best time to book a flight

The right time to book a flight is distinct for every individual. However, one keynote is to avoid crowded days, late bookings and emergency bookings as much as possible.
Also, you might have to reserve your flight ticket before obtaining a visa. Although, most travel agents have a way around this to avoid loss of funds.

Booking a flight can be done via different platforms

Booking a flight can be done through any means considering your pocket and the resources available. Therefore you do not have to book with only prominent or big airline names in major cities.
As well, you can start with the local airlines that have cheaper deals and less expensive services attached. However, it is up to you if you can afford the pricey ones.

When booking in groups, make early reservations

To avoid issues with limited spaces on a flight, especially when travelling in large numbers, just reserve early. This will make your travel a joint one and lessen the expenses of having to join a more costly flight.

Documents needed to book a flight in Nigeria.

The following are needed to book a flight:

Passport Details

First, you are required to enter your passport number during the online flight booking process. Therefore, you must ensure you have the original copy of your passport with you during the booking process. Plus, it is required during the flight’s boarding process.

Travel Date And Time

Another vital piece of information required for booking a flight in Nigeria is your travel date and time. You need to finalize your travel date and time before booking a flight.

Flight or Passenger Details

Before booking a flight in Nigeria, you will need a flight and passenger details. This entails information like the destination you are travelling to, preferred flight class, and your personal information( Full name, Identification, mobile number, age, residential and e-mail address).

Payment Information

Here, you will need your payment information like credit and debit card details like card number, bank name associated with it, expiration details, and PIN.
Also, when you travel internationally, you need your original passport details and visa to the country you are flying to.

Note: Make sure to apply for a visa for the other country in advance, as the process may take plenty of time.

Types of flight ticket

There are various flight tickets depending on the journey you’re embarking on.

The major flight tickets available include;

One-way flight ticket

This is a form of ticket that allows passengers to travel to their destination without returning.

A one-way ticket is also called a single ticket. It is booked from the departure airport to the destination airport.

This ticket does not include a return trip and the ticket could be booked when plans of return are uncertain or for relocation.

One-way tickets are quite expensive and are often booked by business travellers who have to travel.

A return ticket

A return ticket allows you to enjoy flexibility and less cost. Thus, it is quite cheaper than a one-way ticket. Besides, it is so because one-way tickets are being purchased to conform to schedules and meet up with pressures.
Return tickets can be reserved in advance without immediate payment till you are ready to return to your destination.
However, if you do not want to book your ticket online you can go to the headquarters of the airline you want to fly with.

Cost of flight tickets in Nigeria

The cost of flight tickets is not constant, it depends on the airline, the location you are visiting, and where you are booking from. The cost ranges from seventy Thousand Naira to millions of Naira.
First, you should know

Different Ways To Book Flights in Nigeria

There are different ways to book a flight in Nigeria. First, you can book at the airport, online with an airline management system or through a travel agency.

Online booking with an airline

This is usually done online on a provided platform by an airline or travel agency. All relevant details will be provided which you have to follow duly.

Also, since all payments and identification submissions will be done online, one has to be checked twice. This is to be double sure that the site is real and not a scam.

Booking At Through An Agent: You can also book flights through Travel agencies like Travelwaka.

Booking From the Airlines: You can easily visit the airline’s office and book.

Steps to book a flight online in Nigeria:

The following are steps to book a flight online in Nigeria:

Step1: Create your proposed travel plan

This is important because the arrangement or agreement made must be definite and certain to avoid an abrupt change of plans.

Step 2: Consider plans flexibility

The ability to change plans or schedules must be considered before booking a flight to avoid missing a flight in Nigeria.

Step 3: Compare flight prices

Comparison of flight prices should be done to avoid being duped and the package plans should be checked/considered because there might be little or no difference in the package plans before booking a flight.

Step 4: Keep a list of flight fares and offers

Flight fares and offers should be compared before finalizing the flight procedures of booking a flight.

Step 5: Purchase your ticket

Consideration of all the steps should be followed before purchasing a ticket. This can be done using a credit or debit card and a functional bank account.

Step 6: Print booking confirmation and other relevant documents

Before booking a flight in Nigeria printing of booking confirmation and any other important information should be made available before travelling to prevent delay due to paperwork.

Booking at the Airport or with a Travel agency

This is another means of reserving flight tickets, especially for last-minute deals. Thus, it could involve reaching out to a travel agency to ease stress or direct contact with airport services. This procedure is the most reliable means of booking a flight.

Furthermore, you can take your ticket booking to a different level by visiting Travelwaka for reliability and a top-notch experience.

Steps to book a flight at an airport or with a travel agency

Although this could mean booking online as well just a few changes are made;

Step 1: Stay informed for relevant travel updates

Awareness is key when booking a flight ticket. This is because there are times of the year when travelling is easier and comes with meaningful bonuses and offers.

Hence, you can make use of this opportunity to get the best deals anytime, any day.

Step 2: Contact a travel agency

Reaching out to a travel agency or airline representative makes the process easy and understandable. All doubts about the process will be cleared as it is a transparent process.

Step 3: Compare prices from different airline agents

Price comparison is one thing that you cannot afford to ignore when booking a flight. This will help you identify the best deals both for arrival and return tickets based on your destination.

Also, you might want to consider your options for comfort, safety and quality.

Step 4: Obtain your ticket after payment

Once you have identified the ticket you desire, you will be required to make payments online via a debit or credit card. However, make sure you get proof of transaction.

Step 5: Arrange all copies of the booking confirmation and other relevant documents

All the documents you have submitted to obtain a flight ticket will be returned once the process is done. Hence, make sure you collect it and keep it safe as they are valid means of identification.

Step 6: Walk into any airport to make reservations

Asides from the following steps listed above, you can make reservations for a flight ticket with airline agents at the airport. This means that when you have a preferred airline, you just approach the representatives and follow the prompts given.

• List of leading travel agencies to reserve a flight ticket in Nigeria

  1. Travelwaka Travel and Tours
  2. Travelstart
  3. Wakanow

Major airports to secure a flight ticket in Nigeria To Book Flights From

The top five international airports in Nigeria are;

  • Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja Lagos
  • Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja
  • Akano Ibiam International Airport, Enugu
  • Portharcourt International Airport, Portharcourt

Major airlines operating in Nigeria

  • Arik Air
  • Egypt Air
  • Kenya Airways
  • Air Peace
  • Qatar Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Emirates
  • ASK
  • British Airways

Factors that Affect the cost of a flight ticket

The factors that affect flight tickets vary depending on the following:

Time of the year

Travelling during holidays could mean cheaper tickets maybe for purpose of summer sales or more. However, it could also reflect urgency since you have to be fast about securing ideal flight tickets.

The airline you intend to fly with

Different airlines and agencies with different deals. However, the comparison is up to you because you have to check out the travel routes and prices attached.

The flight class

Flying first class, business or economy class also influences your flight ticket fee. It costs more with the comfort you desire and the services to be rendered.

The day of the week or month you want to travel

In addition to the above, days of the week count when you want to reserve a flight ticket. Therefore you must be aware of the days when flights are a lot cheaper.
Besides, purchasing flight tickets between August and September is a lot better considering summer perks.

Your destination

Travelling to Kenya, Zanzibar or certain African countries might not cost as much as travelling to Asia, Russia or European countries.
Accordingly, this means that your destination plays a major role in the cost of your flight ticket.

The number of tickets you want to purchase

Purchasing two or three tickets come at an extra cost in comparison to a single ticket. Therefore, for the whole family or a group travelling, most people tend to seek a bonus(which does not always appear possible) or flight deals which come with appropriate discounts.


To end with, the tips provided on how to book a flight will help first-time travellers who desire a stress-free and memorable journey.
Still, Travelwaka and Tours Limited is a registered travel agency that helps with flight reservations. Thus, for a quality experience and credible services, you can contact us today.

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