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Radisson Hotels are one of the smaller chains but are always strategically located in popular cities and are priced quite reasonably. If you’re looking to stay in one for an upcoming trip and looking for ways to save, this article will uncover 7 ways that includes promos, discounts, and Radisson corporate codes.

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Here’s what we’re covering:

radisson corporate codes with radisson blu hotel sign
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With our coverage of how to save money with IHG, Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt, this article will summarize what you need to know about the Radisson chain of hotels.

Through various promotion and discount codes that are made to the public or available for employees of companies, we’ll be breaking down what they are, how they work, and whether you can use them or not.

To see them all together, make sure to read our full guide to hotel corporate codes.

About Radisson

Radisson is a hotel chain that many of us know about. They are often well-placed properties that are trendy yet simple hotels that have a presence worldwide but is nowhere near as dominant as the big players such as Hilton and Marriott.

The story of Radisson isn’t as straightforward as you might think which might explain some peculiarities of their website.

Without going all the way to the beginning and all the various acquisitions and changes of ownership, the latest news is that in August 2018, Radisson Hotel Group was sold to a consortium including Jin Jiang International from the previous Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. This is a Chinese state-owned hospitality company which is one part of what has pushed them to be the second largest hotel chain in the world.

More recently in 2021, the part of the chain that managed the Americas (Canada, United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America) split off. While they are technically still under the entire Radisson Hotel Group enterprise, Radisson Hotels Americas operate autonomously and a big part of it was the U.S. government wanting to product data from being accessed outside.

This is why there are two websites – and With the severing of the two, this also means that there are also two distinct rewards programs (called Radisson Rewards). However, corporate codes do work on both sides.

That said, in August 2022, Radisson’s Americas Division was then sold to Choice Hotels which is slated to bring 624 hotels under their umbrella. For now, there hasn’t been any changes to the website but this will surely be coming soon.

Something unique to note is that Radisson are more-or-less brand licensors where on the American side, of the 642 hotels, only 3 are directly owned by the parent company. The rest are franchised.

For this article, we’ll mention both sides together and unless otherwise mentioned, it applies to both the Americas and the rest of the world.

Radisson portfolio

With an understanding of the complicated structure, here are all the actual brands that are under each.

  • Radisson
  • Radisson BLU
  • Radisson Collection
  • Radisson RED
  • Radisson Individuals
  • Park Plaza
  • Park Inn by Radisson
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
  • prizeotel

How to save money with Radisson

radisson blu hotel waterfront entrance as part of guide for promo discount and corporate codes
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When it comes to Radisson, there are 7 primary ways to find savings for a stay with the Radisson chain.

  1. Pay in advance – Like most hotels, Radisson wants you to book directly on their website and if you’re willing to pay everything or partially upfront, there’s a discount on the rate.
  2. Radisson Rewards – This is free and there is almost always a discount (10% or more) for Radisson Rewards members. Everyone should be a member at a minimum to unlock these deals.
  3. Special promotions – These are the public offers listed on their deals page. Very often, they’ll be running a promotion like Dream Deals where you can save up to 25% off.
  4. Memberships – In the Americas , if you are members of CAA, AAA, or AARP, or are seniors, there are permanent discounts.
  5. Corporate codes – If you are an employee of a company that are working with Radisson, there are special discounts available that can offer savings off the rack rate.
  6. Friends and family – If you’re a friend or family to someone that works at Radisson Hotels (not Americas), there’s a significant discount.
  7. Price match – An underrated way to get a significant discount on a hotel stay even if you can find it for 1 cent less somewhere else.

1 – Pay in advance

The bigger hotel chains love doing this and Radisson does it as well to a certain degree. What they don’t offer is a non-refundable prepay option but they do have semi-flexible rates which save you save up to 10% off but you can only cancel up to 4 days prior to arrival.

2 – Be a member

Being a Radisson Rewards member has its perks and the beauty of it is that it is free.

The primary benefit of being a Radisson Rewards member is that you instantly get access to 10% off through their “Members Only Rate”. This isn’t stackable with other promotions but if there are no other good deals around, you can alway default to this.

In the Americas case, this is more of an “up to” type of discount.

radisson members only discount example
Radisson Hotel Group
radisson hotels americas members only discount example
Radisson Hotels Americas

3 – Special promotions

Throughout the year, Radisson runs various promotions to entice travellers to book during a specific window and to book ahead of time.

Like many of the other hotel chains, these promotions may seem lacklustre but can sometimes work to your advantage.

At the top end of things, their Cyber Week promotion is typically up to 30% off. Sometimes you’ll also see something like a Deal of the Day see promotions go up to 40% off for specific regions.

Current Promotion

Dream Deals – Save up to 25% for bookings between Dec 1 – 15, 2022. Valid for stays from Dec 16, 2022 to Mar 15, 2023.

January Sale – Save up to 25% when you book by January 31. Booking from 3rd January 2023 to 31st January 2023 in stays from 2nd February to 31st December 2023.

4 – Memberships

With Radisson Hotels Americas, they also have discount for various memberships and groups.

  • AAA/CAA – If you’re a member of this auto group, save 10% off hotels in the US and Canada. The promo code is AAARATE.
  • AARP – If you’re a member, AARP members can save between 15% and 25% at participating Radisson Hotels Americas properties when presenting a valid AARP membership card upon check-in. The promo code is ARUPLTO.
  • Emergency and medical workers – It’s nice to see that Radisson is still doing this by offering 10% off an upgrade to the best available room at check-in for stays in any Radisson, Radisson RED, Radisson Blu, Radisson Individuals, Park Inn by Radisson, Park Plaza, and Country Inn & Suites by Radisson hotels. This includes police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses. The promo code is MEDICAL.
  • Military – Their Military 1st program honors active military, veterans, retirees and their spouse and is valid at participating Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Radisson, Radisson Blu, Radisson RED, Radisson Individuals, Park Plaza or Park Inn by Radisson hotels in the United States and Canada. The discount is roughly 5%. The promo code is GOVRATE.
  • Educators – Teachers save 10% and free room upgrades at all participating Radisson, Radisson Individuals, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Park Inn by Radisson, Park Plaza, Radisson RED, and Radisson Blu locations. The promo code is EDUCATE.

Remember, these are for Radisson Hotels Americas properties only. Note how some specify United States and Canada only.

These promotions also don’t stack with others such as corporate codes, semi-flexible rates, and special promotions.

5 – Radisson corporate codes

For those that are employees of these companies, you’ll be to take advantage of the discounts here.

In order to make this table easier to use, we’ve sorted it alphabetically, researched what the discount rates each are and also removed all companies that provide no discount for their codes.

We’ve tested many of these codes across both Radisson organizations (Americas and the rest of the world) and the discounts yielded are mostly the same. Our tests included one hotel from Toronto, New York City, Amsterdam, and Bangkok.

All corporate rates have free cancellation 48 hours prior to 4:00 PM hotel time. They are also eligible for the accumulation of Radisson Rewards points and status.

TIP: To make it easy to use, after clicking on “Check Prices”, the code itself will be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it in. We’ve also allowed sorting if you want to see the table in a different way by clicking on the headers.


  • For the 20-23% off codes, breakfast is included in the non-Americas.
  • Honeywell, HSBC, and KPMG don’t seem to work in the Americas.
  • GlaxoSmithKline only 10% in Amsterdam.
  • For the 20% off codes, breakfast is included in the Americas.

How to enter an Radisson corporate code

It’s pretty straightforward to enter a Radisson corporate code.

From the homepage, under “Selected rates”, scroll down to “Corporate account id”. Once selected, a field will be open to type in the corporate code.

how to enter a radisson corporate code

Does Radisson check for ID?

This really depends on the location so it’s best that you have your corporate ID available.

Are corporate rates actually cheaper?

In analyzing all 200+ codes, the truth is that at 10%, you aren’t getting a significant discount because it’s a common discount rate when there’s a promotion, you take advantage of the semi-flexible rate as a Radisson Rewards member, or if you belong to something like CAA or AAA.

It’s worth booking your corporate rate if your company is eligible for 15%, 20%, or 23% off.

6 – Friends and family

If you know someone that works for Radisson Hotels Group, you may be eligible to use a special promo code.

In general, it is 80 EUR/night in Europe but it changes property to property.

NOTE: This does not work with Radisson Hotels Americas. This is a non-qualifying offer which means that you won’t accrue points or status.

How to enter a friends and family code?

Use the code RHGRFNF under “Promo Code”.

radisson hotels friends and family promotional code

What kind of ID do they ask for?

Since you aren’t the employee, hotels will ask for:

  • Employee name
  • Work location

Hotel reception or managers will either ask for this information ahead of time via e-mail or upon check-in.

Do they ask for the employee information?

Similar to corporate codes, it depends on the hotel. Some hotels don’t ask for the information above and some are quite strict about it.

Check the latest Radisson hotel deals

The first place you should always look to see what’s happening is the page below.

7 – Price matching

Another way to save money with Radisson is to find another site that is selling it for cheaper. This is called their Best Online Rates Guarantee.

This means comparing it with a number of sites such as:

Radisson’s price matching policy is pretty standard compared to the other chains and is handled manually by their Customer Care team through their Contact us section as a BORG Claim.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The cheaper rate must be found on a website available to be booked by the general public within 24 hours of booking your hotel room on and at least 48 hours prior to midnight hotel local time of your arrival date.
  • Cheaper rate can’t be part of a special program or association, an “exclusive offer”, through an “online coupon”, can’t be part of a package, also can’t be behind some sort of bidding/auction site, and can’t be behind a private login.

After approved by Customer Care, the rate will be not only matched but an additional 25% off will be taken.

If you’ve prepaid for your stay, the difference will be refunded to your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you collect points when using the corporate rate?

Yes you can.

Does Radisson price match?

Yes, they have a Best Only Rates Guarantee where if you find a lower rate elsewhere, they’ll match it and give an additional 25% discount.

Does Radisson check ID for their corporate codes?

It’s really hard to say as some hotels don’t but some do quite strictly.

What is the best Radisson corporate code?

The best codes provide 23% off and include breakfast: ABB, AP Moller Maersk & Danske Bank, Barclays, Cisco, HP, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi-Aventis, and Thales.

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