Review: Mesm Tokyo, Marriott Autograph Collection

For my second night in Tokyo, I hopped in a taxi from the Tokyo Marriott Hotel and headed over to Mesm Tokyo, an Autograph Collection hotel. I’d read many positive reviews of the property, and I was keen to maximize my stay before heading over to Osaka for a few nights.

From the moment I pulled up to the hotel, the experience was unique and elevated, and my only regret is not staying here longer.

Mesm Tokyo – Booking

In the months leading up to my trip, I was looking to secure some stays in different parts of Tokyo so I could get a better sense of the city. As I was weighing up the options, I found the Mesm Tokyo available for a Marriott Bonvoy points redemption, and decided to give it a shot.

For my one-night stay, I redeemed 74,000 Bonvoy points for a base-level Chapter 1 room. 

While this certainly wasn’t a cheap stay, it offered good value against the cash rates, which were skewing upwards of ¥85,000 ($850 CAD) due to the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Throughout the year, you can expect to redeem 52,000–75,000 points per night, depending on how busy the hotel is and any concurrent holidays.

Cash rates work out to around ¥48,000–100,000 ($480–1,000 CAD) per night. 

In my case, I felt that I was getting decent value for my redemption, as I netted above our current valuation of Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point (CAD). 

Admittedly, I booked my stay about a month prior to arrival, which likely resulted in a higher redemption cost than if I had booked far in advance. Since I was planning on spending most of my time in the hotel as I was working on a 14-hour time difference, I was pleased with the overall value.

If you’re paying cash for your stay at Mesm Tokyo, be sure to get in touch with us about a quote. Mesm Tokyo participates in Marriott Luminous, a preferred partner program, which gives you additional benefits during your stay at no extra cost.

Mesm Tokyo – Location

Mesm Tokyo is located near the waterfront in the new WATERS Takeshiba Precinct in Minato City.

While Mesm Tokyo might not be in an ideal location if you’re looking to cover Tokyo’s top sights, you can still access the vast metro network via Takeshiba Station, which is just a few minutes away by foot.

Just north of the hotel is the serene Hamarikyu Gardens, which is a lovely spot for a peaceful walk during the day.

Tokyo Tower is about 30 minutes away by foot, and the walk there will also take you through a vibrant part of Minato City rife with restaurants and bars.

The Imperial Palace is about 15 minutes away by car, half an hour by transit, or 45 minutes by foot. The walk will also likely take you through Ginza, a bustling part of Tokyo.

Shinagawa Station is just 15 minutes away from Mesm Tokyo on the Yamanote line, and Tokyo Station is about 20 minutes away on the Yamanote line in the other direction.

Tokyo Haneda can be accessed in about 45 minutes by way of the Keikyu Airport Line, or around 20 minutes by car. Tokyo Narita is about an hour away by car, or 90 minutes by a combination of trains.

Mesm Tokyo – Check-in

As the taxi pulled up to the hotel, I was greeted by a team of hotel concierge staff who were dressed in the same unique outfit. 

The exterior of the hotel is very modern, which isn’t a surprise given that the hotel opened in April 2020. The hotel occupies floor 16–26 of the WATERS Takeshiba building, which is also home to shopping venues, office space, and restaurants.

Mesm Tokyo – Exterior
Mesm Tokyo – Exterior
Mesm Tokyo – Entrance

Upon entering the hotel, you’ll pass by the concierge desk. The staff there will confirm your reservation, take your luggage, and then direct you to the ground-floor elevators, which then take you up to the 16th floor of the hotel.

Mesm Tokyo – Ground-floor concierge desk
Mesm Tokyo – Ground-floor hallway
Mesm Tokyo – Ground-floor elevators

The open-concept lobby lounge is stunning, with floor-to-ceiling windows giving way to a spectacular view of the waterfront and the nearby Hamarikyu Gardens. The views are just as spectacular during the day as they are during the night.

The lobby lounge has a number of seating options for guests, and I found it to be a great spot to spend time in during my stay. 

Mesm Tokyo – Lobby lounge
Mesm Tokyo – Lobby lounge
Mesm Tokyo – Lobby lounge

The check-in desks are tucked away in a nook, and were always staffed with three or four hotel associates. 

Mesm Tokyo – Check-in desks

I arrived in the mid-afternoon, and was informed that my room was ready. My Suite Night Award request was denied, and my attempts at “suite-talking” through the app weren’t fruitful.

The associate informed me that I’d been upgraded from a base-level Chapter 1 room to a Chapter 2 room, which gives an extra three square metres of space. 

After a quick overview of the hotel’s facilities and my benefits as a Marriott Platinum member, I grabbed my keys and headed up to check out my room on the 22nd floor of the hotel. 

Mesm Tokyo – Elevators
Mesm Tokyo – Hallway
Mesm Tokyo – Room 2204

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room

As I entered the room, I was immediately impressed by the layout, design, and view. At this early point in my stay, I had already become certain that I was in for a treat.

The room opens up to a small foyer, with a door to the left leading to the bathroom, and the hallway to the right leading through to the bedroom.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room foyer
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room foyer

As I entered the bedroom, I was amused to find a piano set against the wall near the flat-screen TV. As I’d soon find out, it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, and can be set to play piano pieces, which is a unique and pleasant touch.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room piano & flat-screen TV

To the left of the piano is the room’s minibar, which has a range of complimentary drinks provided to all guests. 

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room minibar

On the surface, you’ll find a full pour-over coffee setup, a stylish water kettle, and three glass bottles of water. In the drawer, you’ll find a selection of teas, including matcha, as well as coffee filters and grinds.

Below this is a mini-fridge, stocked with beer, water, and pop.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room minibar
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room mini-fridge

To be honest, I’m usually not a big fan of hotel-room coffee, as I find it to be of generally poor quality and taste. I was pleasantly surprised with the pour-over coffee here, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make matcha, too.

The rooms come equipped with iPads on the bedside table, which control the room’s various features. There are also some very useful instructional videos for how to make matcha and pour-over coffee, as well as finding out what the piano can do.

In this sense, Mesm Tokyo offers more of an in-room experience, rather than just going through the routine motions of making a hot beverage.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room matcha tea instructional video

The bedroom layout is spacious and modern, with the king bed set against a low-profile headboard and flanked by blue accent lamps.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room bedroom
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room bedroom
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room bed

On the left side of the bed is a rotary telephone, which you can use to call the hotel’s staff. On the right side is the room’s iPad, which controls many of the room’s features.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room rotary telephone
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room iPad

Between the bed and the window is a comfortable two-person couch, which has a round coffee table and an ottoman nearby. In the absence of a desk, this is where you’ll get work done, which may not be the most ideal setup.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room couch & ottoman

The room has a sliding door that leads to a private balcony overlooking the waterfront. Typically, there are seats on the balcony; however, my room appeared to be missing them for some reason or another.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room balcony

The views from the balcony are great during the day and in the evening. I particularly enjoyed watching the rooftop red lights flash on and off when it was dark outside.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room daytime view
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room daytime view
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room night view

The room’s bathroom spills over into the bedroom, and I absolutely loved the layout. There are sliding doors that can conceal the space if you’d like a bit more privacy.

The single vanity is housed on an island in the middle of the room. Next to it, you’ll find a makeup table that is tastefully equipped with a book, which is where you’ll find amenities such as combs, razors, etc.

I usually don’t find features such as this to be particularly appealing, but I loved how the book tied in with the rest of the hotel, and the experience of finding little delights as you explore the space.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room bathroom
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room vanity & makeup table
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room amenity book

The shower and bathtub are housed in a single wet room, which I have come to appreciate as a great configuration. The water pressure in the rain shower was outstanding, and the bathtub has a timer to fill it up perfectly without you monitoring it.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room wet room

I took a bath after a morning run, and I was also delighted to watch the blue-hued bath salts disperse in the water in a cloud of blue haze. 

The room’s Japanese-style toilet is housed in a separate room between the wet room and the closet.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room toilet

The open-concept closet features two bathrobes, Japanese setta slippers, and some storage space for your garments.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room closet
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room bathrobes
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 2 Guest Room setta slippers

Overall, I absolutely loved the design of the room, and wound up spending a good chunk of my time relaxing and enjoying the views as I dealt with jet lag. With the piano, minibar, views, amenities, and wet room, I found that the room provided an entire experience rather than just a place to stay.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite

During my stay, I had the opportunity to take a quick peek at some other guest rooms, including a Chapter 3 suite. There are only seven of these in the entire hotel, and just one Chapter 4 Suite. 

Chapter 3 Suites are eligible for Suite Night Awards, but since there are so few of them, your chances of having one confirmed or receiving a complimentary upgrade might be hard to come by. It’s also worth noting that the Chapter 1 rooms are very similar to the Chapter 2 rooms, but measure 40 square metres instead of 43.

Chapter 3 suites feature separate living and sleeping areas, and have a larger balcony than the other rooms. The living area is equipped with a huge couch, an extra armchair, a large ottoman, and a separate dining area with seating for four.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite living room
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite living room

The bedroom largely mirrors that in the Chapter 2 rooms, with a king bed, a chaise longue, and access to the massive balcony.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite bedroom
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite bedroom
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite balcony

The bathroom is noticeably larger, with a double vanity, a wet room, and a toilet that’s enclosed in a glass room.

Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite bathroom
Mesm Tokyo – Chapter 3 Suite bathroom

The Chapter 3 suite is ideal for families travelling together, as it has ample space with a separate bedroom and living room. If you can score an upgrade to this type of suite, you’ll be in for a treat; however, the base-level Chapter 1 and 2 rooms are entirely sufficient for a pleasant stay.

Mesm Tokyo – Breakfast

Breakfast is served at Chef’s Theatre, the hotel’s main restaurant, from 6:30–11am daily. 

I had breakfast included as part of my Platinum benefits, but if you’d like to pay for it separately, it’ll cost you ¥5,700 ($57 CAD). 

Chef’s Theatre is located on the 16th floor of the hotel, where the check-in area and lobby lounge are found. 

Mesm Tokyo – Chef’s Theatre entrance

The best tables are located right by the windows, which face westward and offer great views of Tokyo. Otherwise, you’ll be able to find a comfortable spot to sit pretty much anywhere in the restaurant at booths or at tables.

Mesm Tokyo – Chef’s Theatre seating
Mesm Tokyo – Chef’s Theatre seating
Mesm Tokyo – Chef’s Theatre seating

The breakfast buffet is spread out across a wide area, and features a range of Western and Japanese items. I’d just come in from a run and was quite hungry, and wound up sampling a variety of the breakfast options.

Hot items available included miso soup, rice bowls with plenty of accompaniments, Basque-style chicken, different types of eggs (including an omelette station), roasted pineapple pork, and fried vegetables.

There was also a nice selection of cold and baked items, including a salad bar, yogurt, a “significant sandwich”, fresh fruit, and pastries.

Staff come by to take coffee orders, and you can also choose from a selection of milks and juices close to the bar. If you have a chance, be sure to keep an eye out for the “5 Senses” drinks, which are supposed to stimulate the different senses.

I helped myself to a rice bowl and a bowl of miso soup to start, and then grabbed some hot items from the buffet. I had a Japanese-style omelette, too, and everything that I ate was very tasty.

Mesm Tokyo – Breakfast spread
Mesm Tokyo – Breakfast spread

Chef’s Theatre is also open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday–Sunday. The restaurant serves French cuisine through themed menus.

During my stay, the theme was Romeo and Juliet; however, I opted to hit Minato City for ramen instead.

Mesm Tokyo – Other Facilities

Whisk is the hotel’s bar, which is located in the lobby lounge and adjacent to the entrance to Chef’s Theatre. The mixologists serve up cocktails that are based on artwork, which I thought was another nice example of the hotel offering something unique.

Mesm Tokyo – Whisk
Mesm Tokyo – Whisk cocktail artwork

Be sure to head down to the lobby lounge or Whisk nightly from 7–7:30pm or 8:30–9pm. In the lobby lounge is a grand piano, and during these times you’ll be treated to a live performance, which the hotel refers to as “Showcase”.

Mesm Tokyo – Showcase performance
Mesm Tokyo – Showcase performance
Mesm Tokyo – Showcase performance

When I returned from an evening stroll, I managed to catch one of the performances, and it was delightful. I sipped on a craft beer and enjoyed the music echoing across the lobby lounge as I gazed out across the Tokyo skyline.

Mesm Tokyo – Beer

Lastly, the hotel has a fitness centre on the 17th floor. It’s open 24 hours per day, and access is granted with your key card.

Mesm Tokyo – Fitness centre entrance

The equipment in the room is modern, if not compact, and you should be able to get any type of workout in.

Mesm Tokyo – Fitness centre
Mesm Tokyo – Fitness centre
Mesm Tokyo – Fitness centre

It’s worth noting that there is an Executive Lounge in this hotel, but it’s only available for Ambassador Elites or anyone staying on eligible floors.


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Mesm Tokyo, and I’ll likely look to book here again when I return to the city. The hotel is modern, well-designed, and has elevated touches throughout.

In particular, I found that there were many surprises along the way that contributed to the stay being an experience rather than just a cool place. From pour-over coffee and matcha to live piano performances with stunning views, I felt as though I’d immersed myself in the hotel rather than just checking in for a night.

While the prices in points and cash certainly aren’t cheap, at least you get what you pay for at Mesm Tokyo. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hotel to anybody looking for a unique hotel experience, especially if you’re able to score a suite. 

The staff were all wonderful during my stay, and I was referred to by name wherever I went. Aside from having some extra amenities like a spa or pool, Mesm Tokyo has a lot to offer for a well-rounded stay.

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