World of Hyatt Spring 2023 Promotion: Earn 3,000 Points Every Two Nights

World of Hyatt has announced a new global promotion for Spring 2023. With the winter months winding down, Hyatt’s looking to bolster spring travel by offering bonus points on cash and award bookings.

With the upcoming “Bonus Journeys” promotion, you’ll earn 3,000 World of Hyatt points for every two nights stayed, as well as 500 bonus points awarded to eligible World of Hyatt cardmembers for two-night stays in select cities.

This offer is valid from March 20May 26, 2023, with registration available from February 21–April 30, 2023.

Register Now for “Bonus Journeys”

World of Hyatt’s promotion for Spring 2023 is called “Bonus Journeys”, and it offers a relatively strong return on cash and award stays:

  • Earn 3,000 points for every two nights, beginning on your second stay, valid on all stays at all Hyatt properties, participating MGM Resorts, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World
  • Earn 500 points for every two nights, beginning on your first stay, if you hold a co-branded World of Hyatt credit card and stay at participating hotels in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, or Washington, D.C.

Importantly, award nights qualify for both of the above. Furthermore, nights don’t have to be consecutive – you’ll earn the same number of points for two stays of one night each as you would for one stay of two nights.

Prior to your first eligible stay, you’ll have to register for the offer, which just requires your World of Hyatt membership number.

You can earn a maximum of 45,000 World of Hyatt points with the first part of this promotion, as up to 30 nights are eligible. Similarly, you can earn up to 7,500 points with a co-branded credit card at specific hotels, with up to 30 nights qualifying for the promotion, too. 

Note that you’ll receive bonus points for eligible stays with checkout dates between March 20 and May 26, 2023, and the final date to register for the Bonus Journeys promotion is April 30, 2023.

Stays booked prior to the promotion are eligible, as long as you register in advance and the checkout dates fall in the eligible period.

Earn Nights on Award Stays

Recall that World of Hyatt redemptions are subject to a category-based chart, with different prices for off-peak, standard, and peak dates. 

With award redemptions for as few as 3,500 points per night in a standard room at a Category 1 property, and with an average of 1,500 points per night earned with this promotion, you can effectively get rooms for a net cost of 2,000 points per night.

If you’re looking to renew your Hyatt Globalist status for 2023, one approach would be to “mattress run” at Category 1 properties throughout the promotion, which would earn you qualifying nights and 3,000 points back for every two nights stayed.

Luckily, across Canada and the United States, and indeed across the world, Category 1 hotels aren’t difficult to come by. In Canada, you’ll find properties located in Prince George, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Moncton, and in the United States, you’re spoiled with choices.

A full list of World of Hyatt Category 1 properties can be found on the Hyatt website.

Keep in mind that there is an ongoing Amex US Offer for stays at Canadian Hyatt hotels, which offers a $100 (USD) statement credit for a $500 (USD) stay. 

If you need to top up your balance, there’s also a sale on World of Hyatt points until March 26, 2023. You’ll earn a 25% bonus on purchases of 5,000 points or more.

Boost Your World of Hyatt Balance

With this promotion, for every stay of two nights, you’ll earn an average of 1,500 points per night, as well as an average additional 250 points if you have a World of Hyatt credit card and stay at eligible hotels in specific cities.

These bonus points are in addition to the regular number of points you’ll earn as a World of Hyatt member. Depending on your status, you’ll earn the following on stays:

  • 5 base points per US dollar spent as a non-elite World of Hyatt member
  • For elite members, there is a multiplier depending on your status:
    • Discoverist members will earn an extra 0.5 points per US dollar spent (10% bonus on eligible purchases)
    • Explorist members will earn an extra 1 point per US dollar spent (20% bonus on eligible purchases)
    • Globalist members will earn an extra 1.5 points per US dollar spent (30% bonus on eligible purchases)
  • Paying with a Hyatt co-branded credit card, such as the World of Hyatt Credit Card or World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, will net an additional 4 points per US dollar spent

That works out to up to 10.5 World of Hyatt points per dollar spent at Hyatt properties for Globalists with a Hyatt co-branded credit card. At our current valuation of 1.5 cents per point (USD), you could also view this as a 15.75% return on the price of your stay.

If you add the extra points earned through the Spring 2023 Bonus Journeys promotion, the average of 1,500 points per night is equivalent to $22.50 (USD), which is a great return, especially at cheaper Hyatt properties and on award stays. 

Of course, obtaining a Hyatt credit card requires some depth in the US credit card game, and Globalist status is mostly reached through organic hotel stays, making it rather difficult to earn.

Enhance Your Stay with Hyatt Privé

If you don’t happen to have status with World of Hyatt, or perhaps you do but you’d like to further elevate your stay, be sure to get in touch with us for a quote.

Many Hyatt properties participate in Hyatt Privé, a preferred partner program, and by booking through a travel advisor with access to the program, you’ll receive a suite of additional benefits during your stay at no additional cost.

The Hyatt Privé rate is the same as the best available flexible rate, which can be higher than prepaid rates, member rates, corporate rates, or other rates that you may have exclusive access to. However, the benefits offered through the program are excellent, both for members with and without status.


World of Hyatt has announced its Spring 2023 promotion, and members will earn 3,000 bonus points for every two nights spent at Hyatt properties, participating MGM Resorts, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The maximum number of points earned this promotion is 45,000, and the first stay doesn’t count.

Furthermore, World of Hyatt credit cardholders can earn an additional 500 points for every two nights stayed, beginning with the first stay. The maximum number of bonus points earned this way is 7,500.

You can register now to activate the promotion, and it’ll be valid for stays from March 20 to May 26, 2023. 

Notably, award stays count for this promotion. If you’re able to book a number of nights at less expensive properties, you stand to gain the most; however, anyone with Hyatt stays this spring should register to boost their balance.

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