Air Canada Introduces Meal Pre-Ordering on Select Flights

Air Canada has introduced the ability to pre-order meals on select flights in the Signature Class and premium economy cabins. The function will first be available on a handful of international routes departing from Toronto, and will gradually expand throughout the remainder of 2023.

Eligible passengers can pre-select their meal online or through the Air Canada app from 30 days until 72 hours prior to departure.

Air Canada Introduces Meal Pre-Ordering on Select Routes

Air Canada has released meal pre-ordering for guests flying in Signature Class and premium economy on specific routes. For the initial launch, passengers departing from Toronto bound for Bogotá, Lima, Santiago, and São Paulo will be able to select meals between 30 days and 72 hours prior to their flight.

The pre-selection only applies to main courses, and not any other components of the meal. 

You can now pre-order meals on select Air Canada flights

While the initial phase of the launch is just for flights from Toronto to South America, Air Canada intends to expand its availability throughout 2023. By the end of the year, it expects to have the option available on all Canada-outbound flights.

As a reminder, Air Canada announced ongoing improvements to its onboard and ground experiences back in late 2022.

There was a return to the full Signature Class onboard product back in November 2022, which saw the reintroduction of pre-flight beverages, coat-hanging service, and hot towels. Revamped menus were also rolled out to passengers travelling in all cabins, and the airline debuted new amenity kits.

Air Canada has also promised improvements to the ground experience in Maple Leaf Lounges, including the introduction of sparkling wine and priority access for Super Elites and passengers in business class and Signature Class.

Being able to order a meal in advance will ensure that you get your top choice and aren’t left disappointed if it’s unavailable by the time your order is taken. This new feature comes as another improvement to the overall customer experience.

How to Pre-Order a Meal with Air Canada

Within 30 days of departure, passengers departing on an eligible flight will receive an email invitation to pre-order their meal. At that point, they’ll have up to 72 hours prior to departure to select their meal, when the feature will no longer be available.

Passengers can pre-order meals either on the Air Canada website or through the Air Canada app. 

On the website, meal pre-orders will be featured on the “My Booking” page. Once you’ve entered your booking reference and last name, a button will appear on your dashboard, and you can select your meal this way.

Alternatively, you can head to the “Trips” tab in the Air Canada app to pull up your booking. If you’re travelling on an eligible flight and are selecting your meal within the allowed time frame, you’ll be able to choose which main course you’d like to enjoy. 

Should you change your mind at some point along the way, you can update your previous order, as long as you do so before 72 hours prior to departure. 


Air Canada has introduced the ability to pre-order meals on a select number of routes and in specific cabin classes. To begin, passengers in Signature Class or premium economy departing from Toronto for South America may pre-select their meal from 30 days up until 72 hours prior to departure.

The meal pre-order feature will roll out to other airports and routes over the course of 2023, with the goal of having it available on all Canada-outbound flights by the end of the year.

Meal orders may be placed either online on the Air Canada website, or alternatively on the Air Canada app. Passengers can change their selection, as long as it’s done within the eligible time frame.

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