8 Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards In Bulk in 2023

Have you been collecting Pokemon cards for years and it’s time to sell them in bulk? Most collectors acquire plenty of bulk common cards that may not be worth much individually but are worth selling as a lot.

There are several trading card stores that buy Pokemon bulk at competitive rates. As a result, you can downsize your collection and make extra money for your effort.  

Where To Sell Bulk Pokemon Cards

It’s easy to compare the current selling prices for bulk cards online. You can get an initial quote from several outlets to find the best offer before mailing off your collection. 

In certain situations, it’s also possible to sell your cards locally.

Note: The following platforms are listed alphabetically.

1. Cape Fear Games

Cape Fear Games home page

Cape Fear Games buys vintage and modern Pokemon bulk in mint or near mint condition. Depending on the series, you may need to sell as many as 1,000 cards at a time. 

Thankfully, most card types can be sold individually but a maximum selling quantity can apply. So, for example, you can sell up to 30 of the Secret Rares but as many as 5,000 bulk Pokemon GX or Mega EX generations.

This merchant makes it easy to sell Pokemon cards for cash. You can receive a 30% higher payout by requesting store credit. 

It’s possible to mail your cards or drop them off at their Wilmington, NC-based store.   

Your payout options include:

  • Cash (in-store payouts only)
  • Check ($10 minimum)
  • PayPal (a 3% to 5% fee applies)
  • Store credit (receive a 30% bonus)
  • MTGOTraders Credit (20% bonus) 

Depending on the card, you can earn from $0.01 to $1 per card. Bulk lots of 1,000 cards can earn up to $15 in non-store credit.

2. eBay

Sell Pokemon on eBay

You might have an easier time selling bulk Pokemon lots on eBay as you’re not restricted to a store’s current buylist. As a result, you have more flexibility with which products you sell and the asking price.

Several advantages of selling on eBay include:

  • Can charge more than the vendor buyback prices
  • Select fixed-price or auction listings
  • Receive offers from potential buyers
  • Can sell multiple lots to a single buyer 

Being able to earn more profit potentially is one of the best reasons to consider this platform. However, you should factor shipping costs and the approximate 13% seller’s fee into your asking price to prevent losing money.

Be sure to include plenty of pictures and a detailed description to find interested buyers. You may also offer local pickup to save on shipping fees. 

3. Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace

Selling bulk Pokemon cards locally on Facebook Marketplace can help you earn more as you’re not subject to shipping costs or transaction fees. 

You may also be able to sell your collection quicker as you don’t have to wait for the card store to process and inspect.

While many associate this social media platform with selling locally, you can also offer to ship your products. Unfortunately, a 5% seller’s fee (minimum $0.40) applies for sales requiring shipment.  

The marketplace and local buy-and-sell groups are just one of the ways to make money with Facebook

4. Full Grip Games

Full Grip Games home

Full Grip Games accepts common and uncommon cards in 1,000-card lots. It’s also possible to sell rare cards and graded cards individually. 

Some of the Pokemon sets to consider selling here include:

  • Character Rare and Radiant Rare
  • Crown Zenith Galarian
  • Reverse Foil Energy
  • Reverse Holo

Anticipate earning between $0.05 and $0.25 per card with cash payments by PayPal or check. Opting for store credit lets you earn a 30% bonus.

Sellers will need to mail their items for sorting, although local drop-offs at the Akron, Ohio store are welcome.  

5. Safari Zone Collectibles

Safari Zone home

Safari Zone buys bulk Pokemon cards but only awards store credit. Therefore, consider a different outlet for cash payments.  

Some of the basic selling requirements include:

  • Cards must be in English
  • Near Mint condition or better
  • Authentic (no World Championship cards are accepted)
  • Must be the EX Series or newer (published by The Pokemon Company)

Most card types earn from $0.02 to $0.08 cents each. Certain textured, full-art cards can earn as much as $0.50 each. Official Pokemon Pins can earn $0.25.

Unlike some retailers, you don’t need to wait for your buylist to be approved before mailing it off. Instead, you can mail off your collection immediately after submitting your online form. 

6. TCGplayer

TCG Players home

You can easily reach individual collectors by opening a TCGplayer seller’s account. This online marketplace lets you sell a variety of trading card games, including Pokemon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! through your own online store.

This selling platform is one of the best alternatives to eBay since it specializes in collectible cards. This makes it easier to find a buyer. In addition, complimentary seller tools can help you set a competitive selling price by tracking the historical price of similar items.

There are zero listing fees and you pay an approximate 13% fee on sold items. Shipping costs extra if you don’t require the buyer to cover this expense. 

7. Top Cut Central

Top Cut Central home

Top Cut Central buys common, uncommon and rare Pokemon cards in bulk. You can receive payment by PayPal or store credit.

Plan on earning $10 per lot of 1,000 common and uncommon cards. Rare cards can be worth between $60 and $100 per thousand sold at a time.

You can also sell individual cards from several generations, such as EX, GX and VMAX.

The merchant states that most orders are processed within five business days. This processing speed can be quicker than several competitors. Most have a maximum period of seven or 10 days.  

8. Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad

You will find separate buy lists for individual Pokemon cards and sealed products at Troll and Toad. Comparing pricing for near mint and new condition qualities is also possible. 

One of the store’s selling policies is that at least 15% of a collection must be uncommon cards. This requirement applies to lots only containing selling common and uncommon cards. 

Additionally, you don’t need to sort by rarity, set or edition. Usually, vendors want your bulk collection sorted in a particular manner to prevent sorting delays and extra fees.

Your order must be worth at least $30 to get paid by check or PayPal. Smaller orders only receive website credit.

Tips for Selling Bulk Pokemon Cards

These practices can help you earn more as you have an accurate inventory of your standard and valuable cards. 

Additionally, you can firmly estimate the value of your collection. 

Sort by Antique and Modern

Dealers may only accept newer generations which can have a higher demand and collectible value. For example, bulk card sets published by The Pokemon Company since 2003 are more likely to be bought. 

That doesn’t mean vintage Pokemon cards from the 1990s are worthless. The rare ones especially are valuable and worth selling individually.  

Know the Card Grade

Most buy lists provide a quote for a Near Mint condition grade. For best sales, the card should have a similar appearance to when the pack was originally opened.

Getting valuable cards graded by a professional can make it easier to estimate your collection’s value. This extra step can be worth it for rare cards as you can have an easier time building trust with buyers.

Sort By Collection and Rarity

If you have multiple years or sets, categorize by lot to make it easier to sort and grade if the buyer only wants particular ones. 

Most stores assess a minimum 10% fee or charge an hourly rate for the extra processing time when inspecting non-sorted lots.

Grouping your cards by generation is one step to streamlining the appraisal process. You should also separate your collection into common, uncommon and rare. 

Research Website Buy Lists

Most trading card stores publish current lists of cards they’re currently buying in large quantities. These lists provide an initial quote, the minimum quantity and buyback price. 

Compare prices to see which platform pays the most and accepts the most card types. 

Also, consider outlets that pay by cash or check to avoid PayPal processing fees which most stores pass onto the seller.

You may have valuable cards not mentioned on the list. In this situation, email or call the merchant to see if they are interested in buying. 

If they agree, you can send it along for extra income. Otherwise, cards not on the buylist may not qualify for payment even if they have collectible value.

Consider Selling Locally

Sites like OfferUp provide the flexibility of selling your collection to local buyers. Setting up a meeting locally, you don’t need to pay for shipping services which can be pricey. 

You also don’t have to wait for your shipment to be inspected, which adds several business days before receiving payment for the final appraisal value.

Properly Ship Your Collection

Following the marketplace’s shipping instructions is essentia. This can help protect your cards from damage or processing delays.

Each store provides detailed selling instructions to properly organize and package your cards.

Most game shops recommend a medium or large USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box. This is typically the cheapest and quickest shipping method.

This postage method also provides up to $100 in complimentary insurance free of charge.


Selling bulk Pokemon cards won’t make you rich like having an ultra-rare Charizard. However, many collectors are willing to give you a small sum for your cards.

As the payouts are relatively low for common and uncommon trading cards, you may need to sell at least a thousand at a time to make it worthwhile.

Thankfully, there are multiple online and local buyers that can help you earn the most with minimal waiting.

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