Revealed: 5-Star Advisors for Eastern Canada 2023

Whether it’s client trust, customer service, product knowledge, communication, or portfolio performance, these top advisors have distinguished themselves and checked all the boxes when it comes to providing top-tier service and providing peace of mind to the individuals and households they serve.

Financial confidence is not as abundant today as it perhaps once was. After two years of unprecedented events, investors’ go-to strategies have apparently lost their magic, and the logic of investing has gotten harder to get a handle on. Forced savings from the pandemic have helped countless Canadians amass quite the financial war chest, but even that can’t last forever against the threat of prolonged inflation and increased debt costs from higher-for-longer interest rates.

To help their clients amid this challenging backdrop, it’s more crucial than ever for advisors to stay on top of their game – not easy when the game is changing. Like other investment professionals, the luminaries in WP’s list of Best Wealth Managers and Advisors in Eastern Canada are coming up against uncertain economic conditions, turbulent markets, and disruptive competition, to name just some encroaching threats.

“In light of all the robo advisors and all the noise in our industry, one of the things that’s going to continue to evolve is a personal advice and human connection,” says Catherine Metzger-Silver, Nova Scotia-based financial advisor and limited partner at Edward Jones, who’s one of this year’s honorees.

Advisors and wealth managers also have to contend with the demands of regulation. As reporting requirements increasingly squeeze resources at firms and practices, the most forward-looking firms are recalibrating their service models to deliver the best service possible to their clientele.

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