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The get paid to do homework online is the best and easiest method to make money online for students and teachers.

The world population is increasing day by day and at the same time, the number of students is also increasing. Teachers giving homework to students is not going to stop.

You might be a bright student in class or you are a teacher, or maybe you are still in love with studying if you are, then you are going make a good amount of money.

There are students who have money but don’t have the time or willingness to do their homework or student who faces problems and are not able to complete their homework. In such cases, students use these platforms to get their homework completed.

This Is The Illegal Way To Make Money?

The first question that will come to your mind, is whether doing homework for money is illegal.

Who cares if generating money is legal or not? Till you are earning money there is nothing like illegal but if the task is ethically wrong then it should be illegal.

But the point to be noted is that you should follow local laws. If your laws don’t allow you to perform such activity then don’t do it. Else following sites are legit and trusted, and mostly all of them are following local laws.

This means if they are available in your region then they are legal.

Doing homework for money online is not illegal, you are doing homework and getting paid through registered methods. It might be unethical but it is not illegal.

Basic Requirements To Make Money From Homework Online

The basic requirement is that you need to have knowledge in any subject so that you can answer it properly. Having a degree is another best thing that can boost your earning easily.

Most of the students search for homework-doers who have degrees. Else you have to build up your profile slowly.

Having a computer or laptop and a good internet connection will help you more in completing homework online and finding a job as well.

How Much You Can Earn For Doing Homework For Others?

You have got a question in mind how much should I charge for doing homework? Right?

Earning depends on the type of homework and length of homework, some assignment takes more time and some take less time.

On average, by completing homework you can earn around $10 to 20 per homework assignment you will complete. Some might pay more and some might pay less.

And on average you can make around $1500 to $2000 per month if you are able to get more homework to do.

There are more chances that you can get more tasks or homework to do if you are able to make good connections with students.

How Much Can One Charge For Doing Homework?

If someone is highly experienced and skillful then he might charge more in comparison to a new and less experienced homework doer (teacher).

If someone is new to the platform then he should charge less so he can build his profile. If you got experienced and have a good profile then you will definitely get more attractions or offers at that time you can charge more.

Always check other teachers’ prices and bid at a low rate, students will give homework to you to do. But make sure you have completed your profile properly.

10 High Paying Best Get Paid To Do Homework Online

There are many sites that pay you to do homework but not all are paying the best rates and some sites are working as fourth parties. Let’s check out the best-paid homework jobs site where you can join to complete homework and get paid.

In this list, I am trying to add new sites as well where there are fewer teachers so you can get paid fast.


SchoolSovler is a new but quite active platform, it was founded in 2014 but became famous in 2020 and has headquarters in the US.

It is a marketplace where students post their questions or assignments and teachers join them to answer their questions to make money online. One can join as Tutor or student or both.

They have more than 30K registered users. Their top earners have earned $29K by answering 5400 questions, another user earned $11K by posting 425 answers.

On the Answer Questions page, you can past and current questions that are already answered and yet to answer with rates.

It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 34 reviews on Trustpilot. Rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 45 reviews on SiteJabber.

Sign Up: Click Here (referral link)

Payment Methods: Paypal & Crypto


OneClass is a Toronto, Canada-based registered platform of a global community of tutors and top student experts. It was founded in the year 2010 and growing rapidly.

They have more than 4 million college students who got covered 20 million pieces of content and more than 3.8 million questions answered.

You will earn 25 credits for every approved document you upload. There are other methods to earn credits are earning badges and referring friends. Top contributors will get rewarded with $5 to $25 bonuses.

Sign Up: Click Here (referral link)

Payment Methods: Paypal $25 minimum


Preply was founded in 2012 and currently, they have more than 140K tutors from 203 countries. In their previous round of fundraising, they raised $50 million from top-notch investors.

Preply is a professional platform that allows professional tutors to join them only hence joining process is quite difficult. You can join as a tutor and find homework to do.

The platform has more active students in comparison to other platforms so you can definitely find more homework to do. They have a mobile app as well for Android and iOS.

Sign Up: Click Here (referral link)

Payment Methods: Wise, Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill


24HourAnswers.com is a New York-based platform that started working in 2005. It has focused on college students who are looking for tutors.

The website itself says that they focus on students and the following are subjects available Maths, Java, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Biology, Algebra, Writing, Accounting, and Advance Statistics.

It is a simple platform where you have to verify your English proficiency and cost estimation and time to complete the homework. The student will check the proposals and it is up to him if he wants you to work on his homework or not.

But joining them might not be for everyone, as they ask you to have a Master’s Degree and fluency in English.

Sign Up: Click Here

Payment Methods: PayPal and Venmo

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Studypool is a tutoring platform that has headquarters in Mountain View, CA, United States. Here you can get paid on average $10 to $15 per answer. The website has more than 20 million study documents and partners with many universities from more than 150 countries.

There are tutors earning around $7000 per month by simply answering a few questions. You have to register on the platform first and then apply as Tutor. They charge 20% as a platform fee.

Sign Up: Click Here

Payment Methods: Payoneer, Paypal, TransferWise, Western Union, Bank Deposit, Check, and Mpesa.


Wyzant is a 1 to 1 lessons provide platform where tutor and student come together to solve the questions. It was founded in 2005 and has headquarters in the USA.

There are already more than 65K registered and trusted instructors who are teaching 300+ subjects and completing more than 1 million lessons each year.

Already more than 100K people downloaded the app on Play Store and around 60K downloaded it on App Store.

It might be tough for you to search available homework or jobs on Wyzant’s website hence you can directly visit the job board page through this link.

Sign Up: Click Here

Payment Methods: Payoneer and Paypal

Growing Stars

The platform offers different types of tutoring services like 1-on-1 tutoring, Managed Tutoring, Flexible Scheduling, and Homework help.

They have different courses or categories like Elementary, Different languages, AP, IB, Sat, Igcse, Test preparation, IT courses, etc.

To join them as teachers you need to apply first and if they find your application fit for requirements then yes you can start working.

Sign Up: Click Here

Payment Methods: Paypal


I am sure you have heard about Chegg already, it is one of the best and known tutoring sites where you can earn money by providing your teaching services.

You can easily earn more than $30 per hour by providing your experience. Subjects like Computer Science, Algebra, Languages, Algebra, Biology, etc are the best subjects to target.

Click here to check out the list of the best Chegg alternatives.

Not only you can offer your tutoring services but you can also complete homework and earn money.

Sign Up: Click Here

Payment Methods: Paypal


Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can find almost every type of freelancing work. Here you can get paid to do homework online.

As of now, there is more than 430 homework available to do. Upwork is the best place to build your professional work profile. Start with low bidding and get more projects.

Sign Up: Click Here

Payment Methods: Paypal & different payment method depends on the region

Some Other Websites Get Paid To Do Homework

Following are the websites where you can make money by doing homework online.

EduBoard:- The platform only takes you in as a teacher when they have requirements.

HomeWorkMarket:- Where users post their questions and the teacher joins as a team member to answer and earn.

Toppr:- Toppr is almost available in every country, students ask questions, and joined teachers do answer the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay someone to do my homework?

The above sites are not only for making money by doing homework but they are used to get your homework done by someone else.

Can you hire someone to do your homework?

Yes, you can hire a tutor or teacher for doing your homework online.

How much is homework worth?

Each of these gets paid to do homework websites offer their own homework calculator to calculate how much it will cost you to get your homework done.

Can I Do Homework for Money?

On the internet, anything is possible. Yes, you can make money online by doing homework. Above mentioned websites do allow you to show your knowledge and earn money.

Get paid to do math homework?

Yes, you can do math homework for money, 24HoursOnline and SchoolSolver are both the best places to find more math homework to do.

How to get paid to do homework?

Almost every site allows students and teachers to get paid or deposit using their Paypal and some sites also accept multiple payment methods including bank, Payoneer, etc.

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