7 Pop Stars Critics Say Are Wildly Overrated

A reasonable hypothesis about being a celebrity would be that if someone is super famous, then they’ll be extremely talented. Unfortunately, that hypothesis doesn’t always prove to be true.

For some, today’s biggest pop stars might have have the popularity, but when it comes to talent, they’re lacking. When on Redditor asked for opinions on who the most overrated music artist was, music lovers were clamoring to share their opinions.

Music lovers took to the comments with their answers for the most wildly overrated musical celebrities.

1: Jennifer Lopez

u/OKImfree started off the thread with “Jennifer Lopez.”

“She doesn’t even sing her music,” added u/JFKs_Burner_Acct.

“You mean she always lip-syncs, or she doesn’t actually sing her music at all?” asked u/NewPower_Soul.

“Much of her actual released music is sung by ghost singers,” answered u/fponee. “Ashanti and Christina Milian in particular did a lot of it.”

“You can somewhat quickly figure it out because JLo has a very distinct vocal quality even with her talking voice, and if that quality isn’t present when she’s supposed to be singing, then you can pretty much deduce that it’s actually someone else.”

2: DJ Khaled

u/z4k4m4n suggested, “DJ Khaled.” However, u/Darkdragon_98 disagreed: “No he isn’t overrated. No one is rating him highly as an artist. He is rated pretty fairly for how s*** he is.”

“25 million monthly listeners on Spotify, though,” argued u/herrbz.

“Listening to “his” music mostly for the features as literally everyone is doing, doesn’t mean they rate him highly,” replied u/Darkdragon_98.

“You can still suck and have people listen for the features. Why do you think he pays so many more famous artists to do actual work on “his” songs?”

3: Drake


“This is correct,” added u/fobmanx. “I don’t think Drake is awful per se. He has some catchy songs. But people put him on the GOAT tier pedestal which is just absurd.”

4: Justin Bieber

u/Notrobertmueller25 responded, “Bieber. The pendulum has swung hard in the other direction after years of unfair hate he got. But I’ve seen so many people be like “I might not like him but he’s super talented.” He’s fine.”

“Agree wholeheartedly,” added u/elephantsandunicorns. “The only reason he is popular now is he was talented for his age and grew up with his fan base. He’s got other more talented competition now that he is older and he doesn’t stack up.”

5: Beyonce

u/MarshmallowFloofs85 said, “Beyonce. I just don’t get the hype, there are at least three or four other artists of her era that sounds way better.”

“Glad to see her on the list,” replied u/MushroomPowerful3440. “She is a decent singer, good dancer but what makes her different is…. branding, just branding. Few bangers in her career, I give her that, but that’s it.”

6: Harry Styles

u/trevorp210 shared, “Harry Styles. He has some decent songs but I feel like he acts like he is original but in reality, he is just copying the greats like Bowie and Prince.”

“He has a massive rock star attitude for someone who is essentially just a pop star that writes really basic lyrics and employs teams of people to make the music happen,” added u/splendidwaxpenises.

7: Billie Eilish

u/mamabearL1820 responded, “Billie Eilish.”

“Agreed,” replied u/IncestLooksBadOnYou. “Finneas is the mastermind behind Billie. Without him, she’d probably be nothing.”

But some users don’t agree, like u/zekerthedog. “Finneas and Billie together are “Billie Eilish.” They were legitimately just kids making music in their rooms and found their own unique style. Maybe they wouldn’t be international phenoms if they were ransoms from some town in Indiana or something. But I bet they’d still have made great music.”

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