Why It Is A Scam Site?

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Today in this article I am going to review a scam site and you will get to know why we are calling them scams.

There are many survey sites where you can earn money by simply answering simple questions. But none of those websites claims that you can earn $1000 for spending 20 minutes daily.

Many of you might want to try them, right? To know if you can make money with them or not. Hence it is important to know if you should even try or not.

In this review, we will cover each and every possible expectation so you can stay away from it.

What Is Survey Money Machines?

At first, it seems to be a survey site but it is not, SurveyMoneyMachines.com doesn’t provide you with direct surveys instead it helps you to connect with survey sites and earn money.

The website was founded by Hailey Gates in 2005 but the domain was registered in 2008 and claimed to be a legit company. They said you can earn money for free by doing surveys but doesn’t it is free on other sites? It is.

The website claims that you can start taking surveys from any mentioned survey platforms and start making them from them. Let’s find out if they are legit or scams.

They have mentioned their headquarters, 7800 Preston Rd. Plano, TX 75024, USA.

Visit their website and enter your email address after that you will get a confirmation email which you need to click on. It is necessary to know that they are available in U.S., Canada, U.K., or Australia only.

You must be from this location in order to register on their website and receive surveys.

Once you register and log in to the website you can start exploring the surveys in order to complete them and earn money from them.

They do not provide or publish surveys from their end but in fact, they use third-parties surveys. It means all the survey you complete comes from different online survey sites.

What surveymoneymachines.com literally does is make money from affiliates. If you complete a survey you get paid but they get the commission as well.

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Why SurveyMoneyMachines.com Is A Scam Site?

The important point to know is that there is a similar site to surveymoneymachines.com which doesn’t have “S” in their domain and it is “surveymoneymachine.com”

The site claims to be active since 2005 but the domain is not active before 2008 and the related domain was active since then as well. One of the sites has no content and the active one claims to earn a huge amount.

They have a payment proof page that doesn’t show any payment proof but instead, they say that you can join any paid site for free with their help. An interesting point is that most of the mentioned sites are not active as well.

They don’t even have social media pages, the website claiming to be active since last more than 15 years doesn’t even have social media pages. How is that even possible? This happens only with scam sites.

Also, there are many websites or review sites where users have reported that they got scammed. Because the users have completed the surveys but didn’t receive any payment.

The website also doesn’t provide any simple way to contact them. The only way to contact them is by email which they don’t reply to even after a month.

Why you or anyone would like to try them when they are absolutely scam sites? Instead of using their platform try to use other methods to make money online and there are already many trusted survey sites which you can find here on moneyforwallet.com.

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