Residing in Thailand as an expat: a guide

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Are you a foreigner living in Thailand among the beautiful Thais and rich culture of the Thailand people? Here is a guide for you and other expats who may have moved to Thailand due to their jobs or just for residential purposes or are interested in buying apartments in Thailand for expats.

Why Thailand?

This may sound as a reminder of what expats in the country are enjoying. Thailand is known for the beautiful and comfortable climate condition which is soothing and enjoyed by everyone in the different regions of the country. Secondly and importantly, Thailand is known and popular for the low cost of living in its cities. The economic strength in the country is a major force that keeps people in the country to continue living a life as they may have wanted. The cities are known for their tourists’ attractions to people around Asia, Europe and many other parts of the world. 

Accommodation in Thailand

In a country like Thailand, it is not so easy to buy properties. However, the rental market is very active and has something available for everyone. There are various types of properties and homes that can be acquired on rentals ranging from condominiums to serviced apartments and luxury villas. The apartments in Thailand are made to have flexible payment plans and most importantly are considered to be really affordable for anyone who comes around. These apartments in most cases are located in strategic positions in the city such that residents and occupants have access to the society and all basic amenities that may be needed for daily living.

Education and healthcare in Thailand

Education in Thailand is readily available and very accessible all over the nation. There are state schools and international schools. It is also important to note that home-schooling is also legal and accepted in Thailand. International schools are usually the choice of many expats as educational services are usually offered in their home language, hence, one does not need to struggle with the language barrier.

Healthcare on the other hand is made available for the aged and the sick in Thailand. Public hospitals and healthcare centres are available for as many who would want to opt in for that option. Private health care centres are also available for those who may choose to opt in for their services. These healthcare facilities are known to meet standards that are needed to tender for the sick and aged adequately.

Transport services in Thailand

Getting around the country has been made easy as Thailand has fairly good transport services that are efficient and cheap. In Thailand, the bus services are mainly run by the state and are considered the most popular form of transportation by the public. For those who may want to travel by train, there are train services that are available with train stations in strategic points around Thailand. There are taxis available to help residents to move from one area to another within a city and beyond it. The transport services are a sure way to get out of town to see what is outside of your home and help you explore around the whole of Thailand to see the beauty and historical and cultural bliss that the lands carry.

Thailand’s’ local culture

Thailand’s’ language, religious beliefs, way of dressing and way of life may be something that one as a foreigner may find difficult to adjust to at first. But as time goes on, one will definitely fit in the beauty and nature of everything.it will be quite easy to communicate as English is taught as a second language however, citizens and residents will appreciate you communicate in their native language but definitely will not be an issue is an expat can and maybe not willing to learn.

In the aspect of religion, the country is basically dominated by Buddhists. A small reasonable and active christians are also found in this location. Hence one will have to respect every religious principle in the land even if one doesn’t participate in them.

Final note

As expats and foreigners in Thailand, it is really easy to navigate your way around life over there. The ease of life and low cost of living is a huge advantage for both residents and visitors and this has made this location a place where anyone would want to visit and probably reside in. Read more on the official website Thailand-Real Estate.

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