Top Tips For Adjusting To A Home Career After An Accident

U.S. Census data indicates that 5.2% of U.S. workers, or around 8 million people, worked completely from home in 2017. However, while many may choose to work from home for its many benefits (like cutting out the cost of commuting), many may not have a choice in the matter, such as those who have experienced a car accident that resulted in severe injury.

For those who are looking to build a career from home while managing an injury due to an accident, here are some tips that can help you make the transition successfully.

Your Options

When it comes to building a career from home, choosing the right one for you can seem extremely daunting.

With different paths to choose from depending on your skills, experience and qualifications, a work from home career can range from venturing out on your own, to freelancing, to continuing your previous line of work with a company remotely.

it’s imperative to weigh your options to ensure that you choose a path that
will be right for you as you heal. 

Freelance work can allow you to work at your own convenience and create your own schedule (as well as set your own price rates), but it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to do some networking to build a strong client base.

With many skilled freelancers earning more per hour than 70% of workers in the U.S., it’s no wonder that many don’t want to return to traditional jobs.

Choosing to stay within your current line of work may also be of consideration – for instance, if you’re a teacher, there are several companies that can allow you to continue doing so remotely.

building a career from home

On Healing

from home can bring a tough adjustment period for many, and especially for
those who are also dealing with an injury and need to focus on healing.

If your accident occurred on the road, car accident lawyers can help ease some of the stress when it comes to fighting for justice and compensation, and they can also bring you peace of mind in knowing that your case is being handled by professionals.

a work accident lawyer will help you navigate your rights if your accident
occurred in the workplace. Obtaining legal help allows you to focus on healing
and on getting your life back to normal – including adjusting to your at-home

One proactive way to focus on healing while building your career at home is by creating a schedule, which can help to effectively separate work from home life, as well as making time for health needs that you may have, such as physical therapy. 

Adjusting To A Home Career After An Accident

an accident that results in severe injury can be a life-changing experience,
and may even lead to a change in careers in order to stay at home and heal.

those looking to build their career at home, exploring your options and
creating a schedule can help you make the change successfully.

Working from Home after an Accident

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