Branding Your Blog: Here’s What You Should Consider

There are millions of blogs on the Internet covering various subjects and industries. How confident are you that yours is unlike anything else out there? If you have even a sliver of doubt, then you should seriously think about branding.

A branded blog looks professional and credible. It also makes it easier to attract online traffic. So, if you want to give your blog some oomph, then just follow these steps:

Pick a Unique Name

Your blog’s name is the most important part of its brand which is why it must be unique and memorable. For instance, if yours is a fashion blog, then the following are some examples of generic names that you should avoid using:

Instead of these unoriginal names, try to come up with something unique. For instance, the following are a few good examples to consider:

Branding Your Blog Heres What You Should Consider

Pick an Appropriate Theme

Your blog’s theme lays the foundation of its visual appeal and performance both of which are quite important in branding.

So, look for some of the best responsive themes on the Internet that also fit your blog’s brand.

For instance, if you want to create a formal blog, then you should avoid themes that are full of colors and informal fonts, etc. Similarly, if your blog is about fashion, then you should look for a theme that’s fancy and elegant.

If your blog doesn’t have a logo yet, then you must create one as soon as possible. This is because a logo isn’t just for big corporations like Nike and Apple anymore; it’s important for small businesses and blogs too.

In fact, self-employed professionals like bloggers and YouTubers need unique logos more than big companies since they face way more competition than them.

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If your blog has a unique logo, then people can remember it easily just like they remember top brands by their logos. A logo also instills a sentiment of respect and admiration in them.

The best part about creating a logo in today’s era is that there are plenty of websites and apps that can help you with that. You don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars or wait for days to get the design.

There are advanced online tools for creating logos that use technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to create attractive logos that are tailored to your needs in a matter of seconds! So, you can check them out if you want fast results at affordable rates.


Create Your Blog’s Personality

Thinking of your blog’s brand as a person is one of the best ways to ensure it lasts forever. And it’s easier than you think because the attitude and character of the blogger naturally reflect in the blog.

There are many kinds of personalities that you can give to your blog- an authoritative figure who knows about a particular subject more than most people, a helpful friend who wants to improve the lives of others, etc.

While you are free to pick any kind of personality that you like, and it’s best if you pick one that’s really yours i.e. your true self, it’s also important that you keep two things in mind.

First, the blog’s personality shouldn’t be similar to other blogs on the Internet in the same niche.

Second, it should be consistent in everything- in the tone and language, the way you respond to the comments, social media activities, etc.

Create a List of Your Blog’s Topics

Covering too many topics is one of the most dangerous mistakes that you can make for your blog. In fact, a large number of new blogs succumb to a slow death within a few months because they try to go in many different directions without any plan.

The secret to a successful blog is that it focuses on a particular niche. However, know that the definition of “niche” has changed a lot today.

There was a time when a blog about guitars would have been successful as that was a niche, but today you need to be even more specific as there are hundreds of blogs on guitars (and growing).

So, what you need is a blog about twelve-string guitars or resonator guitars if you want to stand out and build a fan base.

Here is how you can brand your blog- pick a niche that’s not too common but has a huge demand. Once you have nailed it down, create a list of topics on that.

From this point on, just write about the niche on a consistent basis. You will surely see the merit in this strategy if you are patient.

Branding Your Blog – Bottom Line

Blogging has many benefits. When done right, it can be a source of a decent income too.

However, if you want serious results, then you need to take your blog seriously.

Branding is an integral part of that, and you can achieve it by following the steps above. Good luck!

Branding Your Blog

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