Everything You Need to Know About Coding for Beginners

Coding is the future.

Our world is changing by the minute. Our reliance on mobile apps increases every day. More and more of the marketplace is moving into the digital realm. Even manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated.

In this ever-increasingly digital world, coding is the skill with the power to pay the bills.

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But even as ubiquitous as coding is, there’s still an air of mystique around it.

In this article, we’ll look at the basics of coding for beginners and clear up a little bit of the mystery.

What is Coding Anyway?

It seems like computers can do anything. But they don’t do this on their own.

When you interact with a computer—when you type a key or move the mouse—the computer only responds because it has been told to do that. When you click the “A” key, the programmer has told the computer to accept the input of the letter A.

Without coding, the computer would just stare at you blankly—so to speak.

Coding is the bit of information that tells the computer what to do.

There are hundreds of coding languages. This can make it overwhelming when learning to code for beginners. But most coding languages operate in the same way, so don’t think you’re stuck with whatever language you start with.

The Most Popular Coding Languages Are:


SQL is no-nonsense and all business. As such, it can be found powering programs for businesses, banks, colleges, and universities.


Java has been one of the dominating coding languages for the last twenty years. It found widespread adoption during the 90s as the internet was becoming commonplace. As such, it remains an important coding language to learn.


PHP is a very easy language to learn, but it doesn’t have the same limitations of other “easy” coding languages. Because of this, it is a favorite of many programmers.


Unlike most other coding languages, many of the commands in Java are in English, which makes it very easy to learn. For this reason, many coding for beginners classes use Python to get future-programmers’ feet wet.

Coding is not an Elite Club

The media has conjured up a few specific pictures of programmers.

There’s the savvy, jeans-and-a-suit-jacket clad Silicon Valley millionaire type. Then there’s the rebellious teenaged hacker, taking down government systems from their mom’s basement.

While there might be a little truth to either, it’s not a completely accurate picture. Most coders are neither tech geniuses nor elite hackers. Instead, they’re ordinary people working dependable, 40-hour jobs that just happen to be in coding.

Coding isn’t only a professional skill. Many people are coding apps as a hobby.

Coding for Beginners is Easy to Learn

Despite being the building blocks of every computer program and website ever, coding for beginners is actually quite simple.

There are a number of free online resources where you can learn coding.

With these resources, you can get a jump start on coding basics and build work your way into a new job or hobby.

Get to Coding!

Coding doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer.

After you arm yourself with the basics of coding for beginners, you’ll be able to code simple games yourself, build apps, or even jump into a new career.

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Everything You Need to Know About Coding for Beginners

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