Essential furniture for your nursery room

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Designing the baby nursery is often overwhelming when expecting a baby, especially the firstborn. You want to buy many things to make the baby’s room look cute, beautiful, and welcoming. In such instances, it is easy to forget the essential furniture that will bring comfort to you and the baby. Infants don’t care about cute things or the nursery room’s beauty; they only want to be fed and have a comfortable, peaceful sleep.

Here are the essential furniture needed in any nursery room that is important for you and your baby.

Baby Crib 

The baby crib is made up of a bed and a bed frame. The bed frame can be made from wood, particle boards, metals, etc. Your décor style and design will determine the kind of crib that is best for you. Regardless of the type of crib you choose, ensure that the bed fixes firmly into the crib, leaving no space.

According to the sleep foundation, infants between 0-3 months sleep 14-17 hours daily. This long sleeping period can only be achieved on a comfortable bed in a peaceful environment.

Changing Table 

A changing table is where the baby’s diaper and clothing are changed. The table must be at a convenient height for you. It should have railings at both ends to prevent the baby from falling off. Some changing table has drawers to store diapers, powders, and baby ointment. Such a design can serve the purpose of a changing table and baby dresser.

Storage Unit 

The storage unit is either a wardrobe, sideboards, or chests of drawers. The baby’s clothing, shoes, and toys will be stored in this. Before deciding on the best storage unit, remember your baby will not always be an infant. The baby will require a small storage unit during the first few years, but more storage space will be needed as the child grows.

Choose storage furniture for kids in alignment with your décor style that can accommodate the clothing of a 14-year-old child. This will save you the stress of purchasing another storage unit too soon. If you expect more than one child, consider purchasing a wall storage unit with more storage space.

Rocking Chair 

An ergonomic rocking chair is an excellent choice for nursing mothers to prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain. Rocking chairs will also increase the time you spend bonding with your baby daily. Infants spend an average of 3-4 hours feeding per day. This means you will spend more time sitting to feed and rock your baby to sleep daily. Purchasing a durable and comfortable ergonomic chair is an excellent investment for you and the baby.

Foot Stool 

A soft fluffy footstool is an excellent complement to an ergonomic chair. The stool will help propel your legs while feeding or rocking your baby to sleep. The stool should be at a comfortable height with your foot.

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