Creating Mobile App Ideas That Are Fun and Profitable

It’s pretty astounding how popular the mobile market is, and according to a recent report by TechCrunch, that’s not changing soon. In fact, mobile revenue was up by as much as 40%!

Whether your business serves 100 or 100,000, it’s important that you have a spot in the mobile marketplace.

The right app is capable of bringing in extra revenue and serves as an ad for your services or products.

Having some trouble coming up with ideas?

Not to worry! Read on to learn more about creating mobile app ideas that are both fun and profitable. It’s easier than you may think!

Creating Mobile App Ideas That Are Fun and Profitable

#1) Focus on Your Strengths

Before you go about creating a world-changing mobile app, you’ll need to do some evaluation. Before you meet with an app developer, really take some time to dissect your business.

What’s your mission statement? That is to say, what is it that makes you passionate about your market? This should fuel everything you do, including coming up with mobile app ideas.

What strengths can your business play to in a mobile arena? Having a mobile app just to have a mobile app isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need to stand out from the crowd.

Think about what you can do differently from the competition and use it to your advantage. Set yourself apart from the competition and watch your downloads soar.

Mobile App Ideas

#2) Your UI Will Set You Apart

Here’s the thing about mobile apps: if they’re bad, they’ll be deleted in minutes. You have a short window to make a good impression on your users.

It’s important that you create a user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. The good news is that this isn’t much different than thinking about the UI of a web application.

Make sure your text is large enough that it can be read even on the smallest of screens. Try and avoid too much clutter by using pop-out menus.

And most of all make the experience seamless. If you’re creating a business app with lots of text, you’ll want to look into parallax scrolling for an uninterrupted experience.

#3) Use a Promotion Service

There are tons of great app promotion services that your business can use to boost your numbers.

In essence, the mobile market isn’t unlike the web and SEO. That is to say, your listing matters immensely. Using an app promotion service is a simple way to climb the ladder in an effective and affordable manner.

#4) Incorporate Gamification

Using gamification is a fantastic tool to encourage users to use your app more. And it doesn’t even need to be complicated.

Incorporating a simple point system, for example, is a proven method of boosting user response.

Take Microsoft’s new streaming service Beam, for example. Now, Beam isn’t unlike YouTube, Twitch, or any of the other dozens of video streaming services at its core.

However, it uses a scoring system that “rewards” viewers every time they watch a stream. They even get points for how long they watch, encouraging users to come back and watch more for a better score.

Consider how gamification can change the way you mold your app. How can you incorporate these systems within your own app in a seamless and fun way?

Over to You

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can create a revolutionary app. Get your team together and get creative! Soon you’ll be dominating the mobile marketplace.

Creating Mobile App Ideas That Are Fun and Profitable

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