7 Best Places To Sell Broken Apple Watches for Cash

Apple watches are valuable pieces of technology that command high prices, whether they’re brand-new or they’ve been used before.

Ever since they were first launched, different models have hit the market, and fans are drawn to the new features each new update possesses.

This may explain why there seem to be a lot of second-hand Apple watches up for sale as owners sell their old models to buy new ones.

Selling an old but fully functional Apple watch is not difficult, but what about a broken one? Can you sell broken Apple watches?

The answer is yes, you can sell a broken Apple watch. There are platforms where broken Apple watches are traded for cash. Here are some of the best places to sell a broken Apple watch you no longer have a need for.

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Where to Sell Broken Apple Watch?

Below, we review a list of the best places to sell your broken Apple watch. For a faster sale, consider using two or more platforms.

Using several platforms will also help you sell for a good price. Just make sure to deactivate all listings once the watch is sold.

1. Sell to someone you know

The quickest way to sell a broken Apple watch is to sell it to someone you know. This method will fetch you a higher price but comes with its own risks.

If the person is unable to repair the watch, they might return to you to request a refund. If you trust one another and you’re honest about its condition, you shouldn’t have problems.

Just offer them a fair price.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best platforms to sell a broken Apple watch. The good thing about Craigslist is that there are so many people on the platform. So finding a buyer should not be a problem.

However, the problem is that it is risky. Because of the easy anonymity of the platform, there are many scammers on the platform, so you have to be very careful.

Hashing out all the details and providing buyers with the spec and current condition of the watch will help the other party. Craigslist has these tips for avoiding scams.

3. eBay

eBay is another good place to sell broken Apple watches. It is less risky than Craigslist, and you can sell to people all around the country.

You can also ship the watch internationally to foreign buyers. You will find willing buyers on the platform interested in buying some of the latest Apple watch editions.

However, note that selling on eBay is not free. For watches, the platform will take 15% of the first $1,000 from the selling price as a commission.

Side note: You can sell almost anything on eBay from a cracked tv, and used board games to silver flatware you want to get rid of.

4. Swappa

Swappa is a tech marketplace for buyers and sellers. Here, you can sell and buy any gadget you can think of; phones, monitors, camcorders, watches, etc.

To sell here, the watch has to be working, so it can’t be completely broken. Swappa may or may not accept your broken Apple watch, depending on the condition.

There is a flat $10 rate added to the selling price, which the buyer has to pay for, not the seller. For instance, if you price the watch at $120, Swappa will value it at $130.

Once the buyer pays for it, you get $120 while the platform gets $10. The only money you pay as the seller is the transaction fee, which is just 4% on items sold to international buyers.

5. Trade-in sites

Many people sell their Apple watches on trade-in sites that buy them. These websites do not connect sellers and buyers with their platform as a middleman.

Instead, they play the role of the buyer in the arrangement. Selling to them will reduce the money you get off the sale compared to using direct selling platforms like eBay and Craigslist, but you do get to sell your broken Apple watch quickly and without hassle.

To increase your chances of selling it for a higher price, you can check the prices advertised by different trading sites and go for the one offering a higher price for your model.

Examples of trade-in sites to sell your broken Apple watch include Cult of Mac, Sell Your Mac, and SellCell.

6. OfferUp

Technically, you can try to sell a broken Apple Watch on OfferUp. However, you should be honest and transparent about the condition of the watch in your listing because OfferUp is packed with lowballers.

Be sure to clearly state that the watch is broken and explain what’s wrong with it. You should also take clear photos of the broken parts of the watch and include them in the listing so potential buyers can see the condition of the watch before making an offer.

7. Facebook Marketplace

When it comes to selling any broken item, Facebook Marketplace is definitely one of the best places to start. It’s super easy to use, and you can connect with local buyers who are looking to buy used items like smartwatches.

If you want to sell your Apple Watch on Facebook Marketplace, just make sure to take some clear pics and write an honest description of its condition. People are more likely to buy if they know what they’re getting, so don’t be afraid to show any flaws or scratches.

What to Do Before You Sell a Broken Apple Watch

So you have decided to sell your broken Apple watch and want to look for a buyer online. Before you do that, make sure you remove the activation lock. To do this, unpair it from your iPhone to set up an Apple Watch Series. You can unpair the phone by opening the Watch app and tapping the Apple Watch icon.

You will find an information icon on the left screen that you should open. Now press the Unpair icon to kickstart the process. This will take a while, but once it is done, your phone will be ready to go on the market.

Note: the unpairing process may look a little different depending on your model. You should be able to easily find specific instructions with a web search!

Time to Sell Your Broken Apple Watch!

No matter the current state of your Apple watch, you can likely sell it off to an interested buyer for cash even if it is broken. Just make sure you do a price comparison among multiple platforms before you sell yours.

If your watch is so badly broken that you don’t get offers to buy it, you can use Apple’s free recycling service. In some situations, they might offer you store credit in exchange.

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