Girlfriend, or Just a Replacement? How Her Boyfriend Tried To Erase The Past

A young couple has been dating for almost five years, but something sinister might be at play about the way the girl’s boyfriend manipulates her look. On a recent trip home, the original poster, OP, has friends and family concerned about her appearance. After seeing her boyfriend’s ex, now OP is concerned. Is he trying to make OP look like the ex? Here’s the story.

Their Love Story

OP and her beau first crossed paths working together. They casually dated at first, but then things heated up. OP wouldn’t have traded those years for anything in the world because they were the happiest of her life.

The Criticism Started

Everything was perfect until her boyfriend began making remarks about her appearance. It wasn’t anything too outlandish. He would say things like, “Oh, you would look dazzling in this if you just shed a few pounds” or “I just think you consume too much sugar; why don’t you choose a salad instead.”

She initially took his counsel seriously since she found his remarks endearing.

Then he informed her that being blonde might suit her, and she went ahead and colored her hair the color he advised.

He told her to cut her hair when it was long, saying, “Honey, I feel that this cut is for you.” She honored his suggestion yet again.

Next thing you know, she had changed her dress, nails, and even her lifestyle to impress him.

OP Looked Like a New Person

OP visited her folks, and they told her she looked entirely different, which she took as a compliment, only that the praise carried a slightly worrying connotation. OP didn’t give it much thought until her friends told her she looked like a new person.

She tells her friends that it was “thanks to her boyfriend.” Everyone’s eyes got big, and they just stared at her.


After that, one of her friends was interested in conversing with OP about her new look. Although OP assured her friend everything was good, he couldn’t help but wonder whether her boyfriend was trying to mold her into someone she wasn’t.

This irritated OP so much that she left. However, all that played out at her folks’ house stayed with her all week, and she became withdrawn.

OP Told Her Boyfriend

Her boyfriend had picked up on OP’s change in disposition, so he asked what was wrong. She told him about her concerns and everything that happened while visiting her parents. He responded that because of him, she is prettier than before and should thank him for it.

She agreed and moved on.

The Boyfriend’s Ex Is Revealed on Instagram

Her boyfriend shared a snapshot on his Instagram account a few days later. He was with a stunning blonde woman of considerable height. The caption read, “Glad we could see each other again.” The two are shown hugging. Was he cheating?

OP saw this and asked who the girl on his IG page was when he got home. He ignored her. Then said it was none of her business.

He went about his week posting more images from the reunion.

The Confrontation

OP had enough. So, she confronted him again. Only then did he acknowledge that the girl was his ex-girlfriend. OP tried to remain silent because she didn’t want to get angry and pass for an insecure girlfriend. Afterward, she went to see a friend because she was lonely and asked her friend for advice.

Intentional Doppelganger

OP’s friend requested the ex-girl’s IG account, but she didn’t have it. When they eventually fished out the account, her friend looked concerned. She asked her friend what the problem was, and her friend said, “You two look pretty much alike.”

OP didn’t believe her friend, but her pal continued to compare the ex, and it was beginning to make sense shockingly.

OP went back to the house and avoided her boyfriend. He didn’t care and continued with his day. Meanwhile, she compared her pictures to the ex-girlfriend’s picture and admitted that she saw some striking resemblance.

What do you think about her boyfriend, and what should be her next line of action?

Was he manipulating her?

This thread inspired this article.

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