Why Linkless Backlinks Are The Future Of Link Building: Linkless Mentions SEO

Although links matter a lot in SEO, you cannot ignore the linkless future of link building. Linkless mentions suggest mentioning a website or brand without linking it back to the website. You can promote your business effectively through linkless backlinks as it is an effective tool for SEO.

What is Linkless SEO?

All of us know that links are a major factor through which Google decides the ranking of a site. Both external links and internal link acquisition play a huge role in SEO.

However, the latest news on digital marketing reveals that links are no longer considered as important as they were earlier. The authority of a site was earlier determined through links. But Google is now reacting to the various manipulative techniques that people use.

Penguin Update had penalized plenty of sites whose rankings dropped and did not recover even in years. In the present day, links are no longer the defining factor in Google ranking.

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Let’s take a look at the things that you need to know
about linkless SEO:

  • The internet is constantly evolving with its ecosystem of methods and systems. Unlinked brand mentions have a greater effect on SEO ranking today.
  • If you want to try linkless SEO, you should use brand mentions on Facebook and Twitter. When you are running a campaign, you can use branded hashtags. Brand mention link building is the first step towards a linkless future.
  • Various tools like Talkwalker and Awario use their crawling tools to find brand mentions from all over the internet.

What are Linkless Backlinks?

Backlinks are an important part of the SEO strategy. Standard backlinks are those in which people can directly visit your site. Linkless backlinks are basically “implied links” that refer to a target source. These links have a wider scope in SEO.

In order to know why linkless backlinks are the future of link building, you need
to first understand what linkless

If some other website mentions your brand or your business without a hyperlink, it is known as a linkless backlink.

Here are some examples:

  • Name of a business or brand in a news story without a hyperlink
  • Name of a business or brand in a review without a hyperlink
  • Consumers in blog comments or forums
  • Video transcripts and podcasts

Google counters spamming by measuring the linkless
mentions. Therefore, SEO professionals advise getting linkless mentions in a
natural way. If you use the name of your business in an article published on a
different site, you will get great results.

You can also mention the name of your brand on social
media posts for maximum benefit. It will look absolutely natural. You should
not see linkless backlinks as a replacement of standard backlinks. They are another
factor that plays an important role in SEO.

What are Linkless Mentions?

Linkless mentions are more versatile than hyperlinks. They can come from various sources such as blogging, reviews, web forums, and social media. Let’s take a look at how you can use linkless mentions in an effective way:

#1. Respond
to Reviews and Complaints

If you respond to the reviews and
complaints of your client directly, it can strengthen your linkless mentions.
This is more profitable when you address the review of dissatisfied customers.
If your customer revises the post later to be positive, it will affect your
brand in a positive way.

Responding promptly to negative
feedback shows the transparency of your business. It also shows the commitment
of your business to customer service.

Apart from using the power of
linkless mentions, you must follow the best practices for social media. If you
reach out to customers and allies on social media, it will fetch your brand
beneficial mentions.

#2. Influencer

Social influencers have a great
following because they share valuable content. You can share your content with
good social influencers for linkless mentions.

If you get a positive brand mention
on any social media channel, it will be lucrative for you. If you want to use
brand mentions for SEO, you must collaborate with a successful social

#3. Guest

You do not have to ensure that your
guest post has a link with anchor text. Even if your post does not have a
hyperlink, its value won’t be diminished.

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You do not have direct control over
someone else’s website. Therefore, do not think twice before agreeing for guest
blogging. Even if the blogger removes the hyperlink, you will not lose

You should confidently write a lot of
guest posts on various websites. It works great for linkless mentions.

#4. Hire
a PR Specialist

You need to hire a good PR specialist to
boost the PR activities of your company. Your PR specialist will ensure that
the press mentions your brand in a positive context. The press will spread
awareness of your brand through linkless mentions.

#5. Encourage
Your Customers to Write Online Reviews

You must request each customer to write an
online review of your product or service. They will mention your brand while
reviewing the product. This will help your brand.

#6. Participate
in Social Media Conversations

You must respond to the comments of your followers on social media. If you interact with them on social media, they will mention your brand. The linkless mentions will help you in SEO ranking.

#7. Keep
an Eye on Your Competitors

You should always keep an eye on your competitors. Check out the mentions of the competing brands. This will let you know about their strategies and mistakes.

You must follow these tips if you want linkless
mentions to work for your brand.  

do You Mean by Linkless Link Building?

Linkless link building is a linkless mention of your
website or brand. It does not have a link that can take the audience directly
to your site.

Hyperlinks do not always yield positive results. You need great content interwoven with clever link building techniques to have any effect on your SEO ranking.

Unlinked brand mentions help you to build a strong
portfolio on the internet. If people are mentioning the name of your brand on
forums and social media, search engines will start recognizing the mention as a
trustworthy source. This will benefit your SEO ranking to
a huge extent.

Linkless Link Building Right for SEO?

Ever since we are using the search engine, we have
seen that links are the currency of the internet. Links were used for measuring
the authority and value of a site.

The search engine optimization has gone through
various changes in the last few years. Links are still one of the most
important and powerful factors in search visibility. The importance of links will
not fade away ever, but now they have company.

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Brand mentions SEO
is now there to complement standard backlinks. Linkless backlinks feature in
the recent Google patents. The authorities at Google have also talked about
their importance.

The brands that are social savvy have a huge advantage in case of linkless mentions. If some other website tweets about your services or mentions your brand on their Facebook page, it can result in higher Google ranking.

You can follow the core principles for gaining backlinks to gain linkless backlinks. Focus on producing high-quality content. Create infographics and videos to enhance the visual appeal of your website. Collaborate with other brands to reach a new audience.

Apart from following these principles, here are 2 tips
that will help you in boosting your SEO ranking through the power of linkless

#1. Work
on Your Brand Awareness

If you want linkless mentions, you
need to work on your brand awareness and reputation. Search engines look for
authentic mentions of brands and products.

You can increase the awareness of your brand by boosting your online presence. Request your followers to write positive online reviews of your services or products. You should encourage your followers to participate in contests and polls on social media.

#2. Track
Brand Mentions

Brand awareness will let your potential consumers be familiar with your business. In order to achieve it, you must create far-reaching content. You must track not only links but also all your brand mentions.

There are many tools that will help you in tracking brand mentions online. You can use Google Alerts. It is a tool that will send a message to you whenever a person mentions your brand or website online.

Alternatively, you can also use Hootsuite. It will let you track brand mentions easily on the internet. Apart from brand mentions SEO, you can also track phrases and keywords from all your social media channels.

it Up

Therefore, you can see why linkless backlinks are the
future of link building. SEO building is a tricky craft. You need to be aware
of the latest trends in the world of digital marketing to stay on top of your

Brands must focus on the things that they can do to
boost their Google rankings. Your ranking will automatically be better when you
create a lot of buzz around your business. Linkless backlinks are a
great way to increase your SEO ranking.

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