Best Ways to Invest $200K (or more) in 2023

When at the point of wondering how to invest $200,000, that’s definitely a good sign. After all, having this amount to invest means you’re on the fast path to building long-term wealth. This is especially true if you can invest $200,000 and leave it alone for a decade or two, giving compound interest plenty of time and space to do its job.

But, how much can you end up with if you invest $200,000 wisely, today? 

That really depends on how you invest your money and the average return you get. If you found a way to invest $200,000 and could leave it to earn a 6% return for 20 years, you’d have $641,427.09 after two decades of growth. If you can manage to get a 10% return, on the other hand, you’d end the next two decades with $1,345,499.99.