Invest in a necessity and be part of the housing crisis solution

“The fact we’re over $600 below the national average for rent shows we’re looking to provide a solution,” Lindo said. “And our solution isn’t $15,000 a month rental on luxury buildings; we’re helping to solve the problem for regular people that just need a good place to live.”

While some advisors may view entering the private markets as inherently risky, Lindo says this is a misconception. With monthly income derived from a predictable distribution, and the upside potential of capital appreciation, the Fund offers a stable, conservative investment relative to the public markets.

“The biggest headwind is advisors just don’t know about this great opportunity,” he says. “We’re investing in a necessity – there’s a long-term view on our investment, portfolio, outlook and principles, because there’s not a short-term fix to the issue we’re facing as a nation.”

Equiton believes it’s at the perfect size. No longer the “new kids on the block”, the firm has grown since its inception in 2015 to have more than 8,000 investors and approaching a billion dollars in assets under management. Advisors, therefore, still get that boutique-level one-on-one service, which is unique in the space. Equiton puts a big focus on governance and transparency, employing third party auditors and a majority independent board. The firm is also notably transparent regarding its operational principles, annual reports, and fund fact sheets, which are all available on its website.

With this solid foundation, Lindo believes the rental opportunity is compelling, especially given the volatility in the stock market over the past year. Equiton’s nimble size adds to its attractiveness in that it does not have to buy 50 buildings in order to see an uptick in the NAV – one building purchased at $50 million, for example, will have a noticeable impact on the portfolio.

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