Best U.S. Cities for Family Vacations

As millions of American families ready themselves for summer travel, they are looking to find the best family-friendly spots that work for their budgets. Instead of looking for more expensive overseas flights and the extra cost of travel insurance, many are looking to stay Stateside for their adventures. This list of the best cities for family vacations will inspire you to plan your next adventure.

To help families prepare for their vacations,  FamilyDestinationsGuide, a resource dedicated to planning for family-friendly travel, recently undertook a study of the best American cities for a family vacation. To do this, they examined the average hotel price for a family of four, the number of restaurants in the area, and the amount of family-friendly attractions. 

Some of the cities may surprise you. Miami and Las Vegas are often thought of as more adult vacation spots but there are plenty of often-overlooked things for families to enjoy. If you’re staying in the United States this summer, this list of the best cities for family vacations will give you some great inspiration.

1. Miami

Miami came in at the top, primarily due to its high number of 31.2 attractions and 680.54 restaurants per 100,000 people, even though its hotel prices are higher. It’s the perfect combination for those wanting sun, sea, and sand in its South Beach area. 

2. Las Vegas

Taking second place is the “Sin City” of Las Vegas. Looking beyond casinos, Vegas features a large number of family-friendly attractions–such as Adventuredome at Circus Circus and Hershey’s Chocolate World for sweet lovers. It’s also usually a good place to find a hotel or package deal appealing to families.  

3. San Francisco

The city by the bay ranks well with families for shopping and attractions. These include the Aquarium of the Bay, a 7D Experience at Pier 39, and the San Francisco Zoo. There are also 412.5 restaurants per 100,000 people, so there’s always a place to get a good meal, including the famous clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. 

4. Tucson

Tucson may be a surprise to some when planning vacations, but they have the lowest cost hotels of all the cities in the results. There’s a good variety of things to do for all ages, such as hiking and botanical gardens with a backdrop of stunning scenery. One Tucson attraction for families is the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, featuring 500 pieces of antique and contemporary dollhouses. 

5. Atlanta

Atlanta features the world headquarters of Coca-Cola, offering tours and giving visitors an inside look at the soft drink. It is also home to the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta, among a range of museums. Their large number of restaurants 497.9 per 100,000 people) and lower hotel costs helped its score. 

Honorable Mentions

Also on the list are Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. The historical sites and museums of the Nation’s Capital are a draw despite the higher hotel prices.

Portland and Seattle are great for adventuring families looking for magnificent scenery. Oregon also has no state sales tax making shopping and eating a bit cheaper for families. Be warned, Seattle’s hotel costs are on the higher end of the spectrum. 

Curious about who was last in the study? Tulsa, Oklahoma, although perhaps the success of Tulsa King, starring Sylvester Stallone (currently streaming on Paramount+) will draw more visitors to the area. 

Families will find destinations from coast to coast across the United States to venture to in 2023. There are guides for nearly every location on the Family Destinations guide Families should also search for discounts on travel through Groupon in each city they might be venturing to. Cities are ready for families to explore, whether by plane, train, or automobile.

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