These 4 Insane Gossip Stories Online Will Leave You Speechless

People will always talk about other people no matter where they are—at work, with family, or in a group text with friends. Although it’s not easy to accept, gossip can be entertaining because some nice tea spillage is often involved. One person online knows this and asked, “What is the best bit of gossip you have ever heard?”

I hand-picked the juiciest ones from the long list that followed.

1. Where Did The Herpes Come From?

So, a viewer online told this story of a friend who had a long-standing crush on a guy. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she finally got her chance and slept with the guy of her dreams. Little did she know the price of passion would come at a painful cost. Days later, a burning sensation struck in her most intimate place. She thought it was a yeast infection, but the reality was far from what she expected.

It was herpes, and not just any herpes — It was a new strain.

Dream Guy told her he’d never had a breakout before, and he’d actually gotten it from someone else he’d slept with recently. But herpes wasn’t the only thing being passed around. When Dream Guy asked Mystery Woman about the herpes, he found out that not only was she pregnant, but she wasn’t sure if the baby was Dream Guy’s or his father‘s.

2. The Hair Stylist Tale

One hairstylist didn’t have to travel farther than her workstation to hear an epic tale worthy of a soap opera.

While working on a new client one day, the client tells the stylist how much she hates her son-in-law. People usually spill secrets when they’re in the styling chair, so the stylist thought nothing of it. But then she started cutting the woman’s daughter’s hair — the one married to the hated son-in-law.

As she worked on the daughter, the stylist learned all about her crumbling marriage: how the daughter’s husband had cheated on her, and now she was checked out. She even admitted she was only staying in the marriage because of their children. She doesn’t want to keep them away from their dad, something her mother (the stylist’s original client) is determined to see happen.

But, that wasn’t the biggest twist to the story.

Another client told the stylist that not only did the son-in-law cheat on that woman’s daughter, but he cheated on her with her mother. Only now that he’s broken things off with his mother-in-law does she despise him.

3. The Shocker Accountant Story

One person works as an accountant as was doing taxes for a wealthy woman. Unfortunately, the woman was married to a cheater. But despite knowing about her husband’s infidelity, she never intended to confront him.

Her hand was forced, however, when her husband and his mistress made headlines after trying to kill a different wealthy woman. When the accountant’s client confronted her husband about it, she found out that there was more than one murder plot; she was also on their list because of the money he stood to inherit in the event of her death.

None of that mattered when the woman found out her now ex-husband was terminally ill. According to the accountant, the woman took care of her ex until his final breath.

4. A Coworker Who’s Being Catfished

One person’s former colleague was the victim of one of the most catastrophic catfishing schemes we’ve heard of in a while.

The victim was an older woman grieving the death of her son, who took his own life in her home. She, his wife, and his son were all home at the time of his death, and now his son is her only real connection to the son she lost. But that connection is in jeopardy after she accepted a mysterious message on Instagram.

The message was from an alleged K-pop star who wanted nothing more from the woman than her love, devotion, and entire life savings. Unfortunately, she was completely unaware of the deception until it was too late. Over the two years she spent talking to this “star,” the woman sent him over $250,000. According to the person who shared the story, the woman would ask co-workers for loans (we’re talking anything from $5 to $1000) and requested pay advances to keep the faux pop star happy.

She got so desperate to keep him happy that she even took loans out in her daughter-in-law’s name. If she ever finds out, the victim is sure she’ll be cut out of her grandson’s life.

This thread inspired this article.

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