Things You Were Told as a Kid That Were Exaggerated

When you’re a kid you’re constantly warned about the dangers of things in life. While some hold merit, as an adult, you realize that others were quite the exaggeration.

Things You Were Told as a Kid That Were Exaggerated

@UberFacts on Twitter posted the question – “What were you warned about as a kid that you now realize was completely exaggerated.”

The answers were pretty spot on.

The Dangers of Quicksand

Quicksand was commonly referenced throughout childhood.  But how often do you hear of someone being sucked in and disappearing? It’s essentially impossible to die n this sand that acts as a liquid because your body won’t allow you to be. Your torso which contains your lungs allows you to remain buoyant even though your legs might sink a bit.

Turning on The Car Light

If you’ve ever found yourself questioning whether it’s ok to turn on the light in your own vehicle at night, you’re not the only one. We were all warned against turning on the light in the car and as adults we’re not quite sure why. It’s not illegal to turn on your lights, but of course riding around at night with a light on in your vehicle can be distracting to others who are probably wondering why it’s on in the first place.

Getting a College Degree Will Solve All of Your Problems

There’s a longstanding belief that if you go to college, all the problems in your life will miraculously disappear. It’s why parents pushed their kids to do well in school and get a degree. But in reality, problems don’t go away because you have a degree. Between student loans and toxic corporate culture (just to name a couple) the reality is that attending college might make life better than if you chose not to, but it can also add another set to the mix that you weren’t expecting.

As an Adults You’ll Know It All

We were told that kids don’t know everything and to go to an adult for the answers. But as an adult, we still don’t know the half of it. And in talking to other adults, we realize they don’t either.

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