21 Websites To Get People To Give You Money

Did you ever wish that strangers would “give you money” and that your wish would come true?

It is possible if you know where to go!

Here is our list of top websites to find people to send you money and how they work! 

The internet is a wonderful thing and has changed our lives significantly for the better. We can stay in touch with family and friends, purchase nearly everything we need online, work remotely and so much more.

This accessibility to others around the world has opened up endless opportunities, and can also help those in need. 

If you are struggling financially, need monetary assistance, or are trying to fund a start-up idea, there are lots of online sites that can help. Here are our favorite sites that can help you get started! 

How to Get Strangers to Send You Money

Get Creative With Crowdfunding

Have you had an emergency, medical problems or another issue that has caused you to have a less than ideal financial situation? If so, crowdfunding websites may be able to come to your assistance! 

A type of online fundraising, crowdfunding sites allow you to raise funds from family, friends and even strangers for financial assistance. Here are a few sites to learn more about. 


Probably the best known, GoFundMe is most often used to raise funds for someone in need. This can be for anything from medical to education to funeral expenses. Individuals and groups can also use GoFundMe to raise money for travel, volunteer programs, community groups and more.

Some personal information is required to start a GoFundMe campaign, including a Social Security or tax ID number, address and bank account information. See their website for more details.


Need to ask for help during these tough trying times, Beglist offers the opportunity to ask for help with your financial problems and get money by doing almost nothing.


Growing in popularity, this website allows others to help offer you support via monthly memberships. Many artists, influencers and other creatives are using this service to have their supporters have a way to connect directly and to earn regular payments to continue their work.


Got an amazing idea that you’d like to make a reality? Kickstarter is an amazing way to help make this happen! My husband has worked with many Kickstarter fundraisers to show support for independent films and received some cool swag and opportunities for his financial donation. Use Kickstarter to fun books, board games, films, and other creative projects. 


Similar to Kickstarter, Indiegogo allows you to raise funds for your idea and to access the funds as they come. 

Begging Money

You need cash now, but don’t have anything you can offer in return? Create an appeal explaining why you need help. 


Are you hoping to hit the road to somewhere in the U.S. or to travel abroad, but don’t have the funds to pay for the travel adventures that you’re dreaming of?

This travel fundraising website allows you to raise dollars for domestic or international travel. Whether your travel plans are personal, work related, volunteer focused or if you have to travel for an emergency, this crowdfunding site can help you get started. 


Are you a regular Reddit reader who has lots of positive comment karma? If so, you can post on the #RandomKindness subreddit and ask for assistance.

In addition to the ability to receive money, there are also subreddits for pizza kindness, Amazon wish lists and more. There are also an assistance and freebies subreddits. 


Starting a business and need a little start up cash? Fundable can help connect you with investors. 


With billions of dollars funded since its creation, this fundraising website can help your financial cause reach a large audience. 


This forum allows you to post a request for monetary assistance from other users. It is not as popular as it used to be but but may be it is worth to take a look.

Put Those Gaming Skills to Good Use

Do people actually pay others for playing video games? Absolutely! If you are a gamer or have other performance skills, people may give you money 


Have you ever wanted to show off your skills on Twitch? If you have great video game skills, music skills or eSports skills you may be able to show them off, earn a significant online following and even get people to give you money at the same time!

Twitch streams earn money in multiple ways including donations, ads, subscriber fees and sponsorship. Top Twitch streamers have the potential to earn millions, but be aware that there is lots of competition and that it can take time to see results.

Facebook Gaming

While less established than Twitch, Facebook Gaming offers another way to earn income by live streaming. Check it out to learn more. 


Did you know that successful YouTubers can make a substantial income? Whether you record and upload videos or you live stream, you can use your gaming or other skills to earn money on YouTube. There are minimum requirements to monetize your YouTube account including a minimum number of followers and views, so keep in mind that it may take some time to earn money from your account. 


Are you camera shy or have no desire to live stream, but still want to earn money playing gaming? Mistplay can help you earn cash and gift cards for playing games in your spare time. Later on you can turn those gift cards into cash.

Take Advantage of Money Saving Apps

Want free money back from the purchases you’re making regularly? Money saving apps can give you money on your in-store shopping, online purchases and more. Here are some of our favorites. 


My personal favorite, Ibotta is an excellent way to save when purchasing groceries and when shopping online. They even regularly offer amazing freebies such as free cereal, granola bars, meat and more. You can even sync up to earn from your online delivery and pick-up orders, plus you’ll get a free $20 just for signing up!

Checkout 51

While it doesn’t have as many money saving opportunities as Ibotta, Checkout 51 is a simple to use money saving app that can help you get cash back on your purchases.


Link Drop to your bank account and you’ll receive points with every purchase that you can redeem for cash.

Ratuken (formally known as Ebates)

This well-established cashback site is excellent for earning free money every time you shop online. They will even give you $10 after you make your first purchase.


This investment site helps you invest your spare change and the results can really add up!  You will get $5 for free when you sign up and invest at least $10. 

Sign Up for Survey Sites

While doing online surveys for extra cash may not make you rich, it can be a worthwhile way to earn free money online during your spare time.

Some of our favorites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

Learn more in our article on the Best Survey Apps To Make Extra Money.

If you’ve wondered if there are websites that give me money, the truth is there actually are!

Websites that give free money do exist, you just need to do your homework and research the options that work best for you. When requesting free money online, you do need to be careful about putting yourself at risk.

Beware of scammers and not reveal too much personal information or meet unknown individuals in person. Carefully guard your financial details such as bank information and social security number, being cautious about where you share this information.

Some online fundraising platforms may charge a fee or percentage of the amount raised, so be sure to read the details and fine print before creating a request. Also be aware that taxes may apply on some income received, so be sure to consult with your tax advisor as well. 

Looking for more ways to make money from home?

Check out the article linked above.

Have you found ways to successfully convince others to give me money? Leave a comment below! 

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