10 “Ego-Trippin'” Musicians With a God Complex

Some people believe they are gods among men. Unfortunately, this seems to be especially common in the music industry, where stars think highly of themselves. They even stand on literal pedestals when they’re performing. A few of these celebrities are even bold enough to call themselves gods.

1. Travis Scott

Image of rapper Travis Scott
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“Just watch the video of him yelling at a photographer,” u/Honest_Butterscotch2 said.

“Never understood his stardom. There are some stupid people in the world,” another person added.

Rapper Travis Scott has been in a lot of controversies, especially with the spotlight on him because of his relationship with one of the most famous women, Kylie Jenner. News on the rapper are not always positive. His most famous slip-up was his Astroworld concert incident, where he allegedly ignored pleas to stop. 10 fans died due to asphyxiation and 300 were injured.

2. Kanye West

Image of rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
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You don’t have to be keeping up with pop-culture to know that Kanye West is the King of controversies. But based on how he portrays himself, that’s not the only throne he owns.

“Kanye is undefeatable,” a Redditor said. He recently lost some partnerships, leading to his net worth dropping exponentially, so I wouldn’t be so sure.

They continued that Kayne had been quoted saying: “My greatest pain in life is that I’ll never be able to see myself perform live.’”

That’s some chip on his shoulders.

3. Adam Levine

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“If Janet’s nipple caused society to collapse Adam Levine should have paid a huge fine for taking his shirt off,” u/barkbarkrabkrab said.

For context, the “Janet’s nipple” scenario refers to the time when the pop star Janet Jackson was performing on the Super Bowl and her breasts were exposed. It did cause a huge uproar on social media and she received a lot of hate for it.

However, Adam Levine is fond of taking his shirt of to perform, and folks are pointing out the double standards. Levine doesn’t just take it off, according to fans. He makes the whole show about him and his body, as though they are only the entertainment they need.

4. Drake

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A Redditor added Drake’s name to the list, and others are enraged that his name was not the first mention.

Drake is known for being charitable. The music video for “God’s Plan” even shows shows him at his most philanthropic. But in a different light, one might say he was putting himself in a higher perspective and playing the God role.

We’ll never know. As a once active but now passive Drake listener, I think he does pay homage to those on a higher lever than him — God included.

5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
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u/HateYourFaces wrote, “I don’t get how after his documented domestic abuse, he’s still out their like nothing f—ing happened, somehow keeping himself famous.”

Everyone knows the story between Chris Brown and his former girlfriend, Rihanna. Some people believe the singer Chris Brown apologized a million times already, said that it was a lifetime ago, and people should learn to let it go. They are only still judging him for his past sins because it’s no other than Rihanna. Others don’t buy into the narrative and, like u/HateYourFaces, can’t understand how he’s still famous.

And not just famous, but moving like a god.

7. Machine Gun Kelly

machine gun kelly ss msn 9
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“Yeah, you’d have to have a God complex to go after the GOAT & think you’d even have a shred of a chance to come out on top,” u/boots311.

The rap feud between Machine Gun Kelly and rap legend Eminem is one of the most famous beefs in current rap history. Legend has it, Eminem is the reason Machine Gun Kelly stopped rapping.

8. Jared Leto

jared leto SS MSN
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u/soonerpgh wrote a savage response, suggesting a theory: “I think he’s just mostly a walking complex.”

Jared Leto’s fan club is like a literal cult. They probably won’t let him down even if he tries to step off his pedestal.

Another Redditor added, “Saw some pics, he was rocking white linen flowy clothes walking on an elevated path while people were literally following him from below on sand.”

Is that you, Jesus?

9. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey 1
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“I’m really surprised to not see Mariah Carey. She’s well known for being one of the most disconnected, bratty divas. Or at least back in the 00s,” u/TranzeBoozeBunny shared.

Mariah Carey does come across as snobby to me!

Another Redditor shared a true life story of meeting her when he was a kid and how she shoved him. While we’ll never know the truth, there are enough instances on the internet to deduce that she thinks very highly of herself.

She’s never publicly called herself God. The closest she went was applying to be trademarked the “Queen of Christmas”, granted “All I Want For Christmas is You” is one of the most popular Christmas songs. However, she was denied the request.

10. Madonna

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Some fans don’t believe it’s a god complex so much as a youth complex.

They believe the pressures of society has forced her to keep up an image, leading to the fact that she doesn’t ever let her guard down, which may lead her to appear proud, snobbish, and unwilling to “accept that her time is past.”

Well, only he who wears the shoe knows where it hurts.

Read the Reddit thread here.

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