9 Pros and Cons of Living in Spokane, WA

Deciding to move somewhere can prove to be a daunting task, considering the factors involved. You have to think about the living costs, the quality of life, health and safety, and job opportunities to determine if moving to the destination is the right move. 

When we talk about moving, one of the renowned destinations that come to mind is Spokane, the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Spokane is full of breathtaking views and offers its residents abundant activities, making it a dream destination. 

But is Spokane a good place to live? 

We have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you find the answer to this question. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the ups and downs of living in Spokane!

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Pros of Living in Spokane


One of the best things about living in Spokane is that it allows you to experience all four seasons. 

As you move to Spokane, experience the changing color of fall on the leaves, see the flowers blossom in the spring, enjoy the delightful summers, and bask in the beauty of snowy white in winter. 

The exposure to these different seasons also allows you to explore and enjoy seasonal activities throughout the year, including skiing, ice skating, baseball, and many more. 

Reasonable Living Costs

Spokane is full of neighbors that offer affordable living for the people moving there. If you lead a small family or are a bachelor, you can bear expenses in Spokane on an annual income of $50K. 

Besides, owning your place is not a big deal either! Owning a house in Spokane may cost you approximately $300K. When we talk about the cost of living, the most significant factor here is housing costs. 

As you can see from the information above, housing costs in Spokane are reasonable. On the other hand, other expenses, such as utilities, groceries, and transportation, are lower than the national average in Spokane. 

In conclusion, you don’t need a hefty sum to make due in Spokane! 

Lively City

If there is one thing to be said about the people of Spokane, they lead a joyous and active life. 

Since its transformation in 1974, Spokane has become a beautiful town hosting many events, such as concerts and market fairs! 

Plenty of landmarks and activities include food trucks, basketball courts, and several playscapes. Landmarks like River Square Park also add more life to the city and allow you to explore food options, including many restaurants. 

According to Visit Spokane, the best restaurants in the town include: 

  • Anthony’s
  • Italia Trattoria
  • The Flying Goat

A Family-Oriented Town

As you move to Spokane, you will find the residents here welcoming and friendly. 

The people of Spokane adore a friendly environment and will go out of their way to develop a strong sense of community. Expect to receive warm smiles and cheery strangers as you walk down the streets or at the markets. 

Don’t be surprised when you see the neighbors eager to lend a hand and go out of their way to help you set up. The friendly environment of Spokane will make you feel at home in Spokane in no time! 

Strong Job Market

According to Data Commons, The median age of the Spokane population is 36 years old. The median age of a town helps get a better picture of the city’s trends and get insight into information like how many people are employed. 

Considering the median age of Spokane, one can easily conclude that most of the Spokane population is working. A large population employed means getting a job in Spokane will be easy. Expect to land a job easily if you decide to move to Spokane. 

According to Glassdoor, some prominent employers in Spokane include: 

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • McDonald’s 

Great Higher Education

As a student or a parent with teens, you want to live where the education is of the highest quality. 

Fortunately, Spokane heeds the call. Spokane is rich in educational institutes depending on the respective fields and interests of the students. The strong job market in Spokane proves that the education offered in Spokane institutes is reliable and will prove beneficial. 

Many institutes are downtown, so you won’t have to travel far to pursue your education. In short, Spokane is the right move for people wanting to continue their education and parents looking to enroll their kids in high-quality instruction. 

According to the US News, some of the best educational institutes include: 

  • Gonzaga University
  • Libby Center
  • University of Washington

Cons of Living in Spokane

High Sales Tax! 

The sales tax in Spokane beats taxes in any other state! 

A higher sales tax means you will be paying a hefty amount in taxes for everything you buy within the city. 

The towns around Washington can charge an additional sales tax apart from the state-fixed 6.5% sales tax. The city’s government has implemented an extra 2.5% sales tax on the state-imposed tax, marking the sales tax in Spokane at 9%. 

However, while the sales tax may be higher than any other city or state in the country, Spokane gives you a break from taxes as you don’t need to pay any taxes on your income in Washington. 

High Crime Rates! 

Overall, the crime levels in Spokane are 132% higher than the national average! 

Considering the crime levels, you should know that Spokane is crucially prone to the occurrence of crimes of various types. 

However, you shouldn’t worry about the stats here since living in Spokane will not be more dangerous than in any other city. Nevertheless, if you are choosing to move to Spokane, you must remain diligent about your safety and ensure to take safety measures at all times. 


There is no denying that Spokane is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. 

Unfortunately, its beauty is hindered by the presence of solid air pollution. Spokane ranks low in America due to its air pollution!

The wildfire smoke and the smoke from vehicles, such as buses, are the main culprit for the high air pollution in Spokane. For someone with asthma, heart conditions, children, or people that love to stay outdoors, the air quality of Spokane is a massive concern. 

Final Thoughts

Here go all the pros and cons of living in Spokane, and we hope you found this information valuable.

While we have laid out the pertinent information in this guide, the decision to live in Spokane will entirely depend on your preferences and priorities.

Ensure to consider the factors mentioned in this guide before you decide to call Spokane home!

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