Princess Changes Route for Total Eclipse

Cruise lines are back in action and looking to find ways to attract passengers onboard for various experiences. There is nothing quite like the views from the decks of ships while out on the ocean. Princess takes that a step further with their recent announcement that Emerald Princess is changing their April 2024 route to allow guests to see the complete solar eclipse when the ship sails through the Mexican Riviera. 

Interested in Seeing The Solar Eclipse at Sea? Here Are The Details

The eclipse takes place on April 8, 2024, and is expected to last approximately four minutes and 28 seconds. This visibility will occur as the moon’s shadow comes across regions of North America. The sea view is likely one of the best vantage points, and the eclipse is one of only three remaining worldwide this decade and the only one visible from North America until the year 2044. 

This is not the first time Princess has altered a cruise to allow for viewing the solar eclipse next year. After selling out the 10-day Mexican Riviera cruise with the total solar eclipse on its Discovery Princess ship, the cruise line decided to alter the 15-day ocean-to-ocean Panama Canal cruise on the Emerald Princess


The voyage on the Emerald Princess, departing from Los Angeles in April 2024 and ending 15 days later in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, will travel through the Mexican Riviera and across the western Caribbean. The vessel holds 3,080 passengers who will get this rare chance to catch the total solar eclipse somewhere between their ports of Cabo San Lucas and Huatulco, Mexico.

Other stops on the journey’s itinerary include San Juan del Sur, Costa Rica, Cartagena, Grand Cayman, and Ft. Lauderdale, and it is on sale now with starting rates of $1,699 per person.

Special Highlights

Princess Cruise Line has added some special features to make the experience memorable for their guests. Passengers will be encouraged to gather on the top decks of the ship and provided with special glasses to wear to view the eclipse safely. Additionally, they feature the presence of astronomy and space exploration enthusiast Fred Cink to guide the viewing experience. As a final touch, the cruise line has also created specialty-themed drinks and appetizers to be served during the event.

“This rare occurrence in the cosmos is sure to wow millions, but only the smallest fraction will ever experience this phenomenon via the ocean aboard an amazing cruise ship,” said John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises. “Princess thrives on ensuring our guests have authentic experiences that sometimes become once-in-a-lifetime moments.”

Knock Several Things Off Your Bucket List At Once

For many travelers, simply taking a cruise is a big travel bucket list item. Adding a total solar eclipse at sea makes the experience an even more memorable vacation.

If you’re looking to book cruise travel in 2024, consider this unique opportunity to view the eclipse at sea with a near-perfect view. Princess Cruises are known for luxury experiences, but there are ways to save money while on a cruise. The seas and the eclipse are waiting to be seen and explored. 

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