Get Hooked on These 13 Fascinating Podcasts That Aren’t About Politics

Are you tired of political extremists bickering back and forth and need to listen to something a little more lighthearted? I hear you. That’s why when I came across this list, I knew I had to share these highly-recommended podcasts to help you give yourself a break. 

1. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know
Image Credit: IMDB

Stuff You Should Know with Josh and Chuck is great,” one listener suggested. “They’re able to talk about a wide range of things while being pleasantly funny and letting enough of their personalities through without making it all about them.” 

2. No Such Thing as a Fish

No such thing as fish
Image Credit: IMDB

No Such Thing As A Fish. The only podcast I listen to,” said one avid listener. “THIS. I’m obsessed, and I’ve listened to every single one,” shared another.

“Me too, and I’ll do it again! Going to see them in Cardiff and can barely contain my excitement,” a third admitted. 

3. Comedy Bang! Bang!

Comedy Bang Bang
Image Credit: IMDB

“I’m always a fan of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast,” one user expressed. “I recommend it. They usually interview a famous comedian, and then they both interview a different person improving a random character they made up.” 

4. Distractable

Image Credit: IMDB

Distractible. ‘Bob’s Fridge’ is by far the best, with ‘Beware the Candy Uncle’ in second place and ‘Hold My Beer’ in third. The others are fantastic, too, but those are my personal favorites,” someone shared. 

5. Ologies

Image Credit: IMDB

Ologies is a great podcast with Alie Ward. All the -‘ Ologies.’ Bees, death, neuropsychology, myrmecology (ants). She gets great experts to talk about their subjects. It’s fun, not dry. I love this one,” another person stated. 

6. This Podcast Will Kill You

This Podcast Will Kill You
Image Credit: IMDB

This Podcast Will Kill You,” one said. “If you want to be intrigued; check out the ‘Rabies’ episode.” Another agreed, “I’d also recommend This Podcast Will Kill You. It’s about the science of medicine, and is fascinating.” 

7. Off Menu

Off Menu
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Off Menu,” another volunteered. “Two comedians invite a guest to their imaginary restaurant where they are given their dream meal. Then, they all sit around and talk about food, the great food they’ve eaten, the great food they’d like to eat, and the places they’d eat it.” 

8. Doughboys

Image Credit: IMDB

Doughboys is an awesome podcast,” shared another. “The most elegantly pointless podcast out there. Two hilarious guys are reviewing fast food/chain restaurants with (usually) hilarious guests. Who knew how much good content you could mine from a trip to Carl’s Jr?”

9. The Always Sunny Podcast

The Always Sunny Podcast
Image Credit: IMDB

The Always Sunny Podcast. The three creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia talk about the different episodes. However, they usually spend most of the podcast discussing largely unrelated things,” one person suggested.

10. The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives
Image Credit: IMDB

The Magnus Archives,” one user said. “It’s an episodic horror series about all sorts of scary things happening. It starts slow, but once the main plot kicks in, it goes, and it is gripping.”

11. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome To Night vale
Image Credit: IMDB

Welcome To Nightvale is a surrealist horror-ish comedy about a radio program in a weird town,” voted one. Another agreed, “Welcome To Nightvale. It’s a dark comedy series about a small town that is simultaneously the epicenter of every conspiracy on the planet. It is a normal occurrence.”

12. The Rewatchables

The Rewatchables
Image Credit: IMDB

The Rewatchables breaks down movies that you’ve seen and gives background. It’s a bit bro-y but good for a long run from time to time. It’s geared towards Xennials. So it may depend on your age too,” someone said. 

13. The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire
Image Credit: IMDB

Finally, one user said, “I’m a bit of a car enthusiast, and I’ve found a lot of enjoyment on my cardio days from The Smoking Tire podcast. Matt Farah and Zack Klapman do some YouTube car reviews but also have a large circle of influence in the SoCal car scene.”

“As a result, they get a lot of interesting personalities ranging from racecar drivers to comedians to content creators to even other YouTube car reviewers. They go off on some wild tangents too, so it’s not just automotive-related for the entire 90 minutes.”

This thread inspired this article.


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