Tips for Designing the Perfect App for Your Business

Yes, there is an app for everything, but is there one for your business? Is the app development, part of your company’s marketing plan? What do you need to do to design a helpful app for your customers that they will be excited to download?

Read on to discover the tips for creating the perfect app for your business.

Developing an app could make perfect sense for your company. Studies have shown that app users view 4.6 times more products than those browsing your website.

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Customers purchasing products off of apps also tend to spend more than those who buy products through desktop websites.

Even with this hopeful data, this does not mean you should push your leadership into developing an app. Approach the decision methodically. Analyze how others in competitive industries have utilized the technology.

Tips for Designing the Perfect App for Your Business

Determine Why You Need an App

Talk with the leadership of your company. Ask yourself if having a mobile app will increase your sales, improve a customer’s experience, help you become more competitive in the marketplace, or assist you internally.

If you are not able to answer “definitely, yes” to any of these questions, then perhaps you really don’t need an app.

Designing the Perfect App for Your Business

Leave it to the Experts

Next, don’t feel like you have to know how to do everything. Your expertise should be related to your business. You should know how to make a perfect omelet or how to help a dyslexic child learn to read.

Reach out to expert designers on iPhone or Android app development. It’s their job to create something for you that you would be proud to promote.

Promote Your App

Speaking of promotions, it doesn’t matter how amazing your new app is if no one knows of its existence. Make sure advertising is budgeted into the development of the app.

Promote the heck out of it! Blast links to it on all your social media accounts. Give discounts to customers who download it. Offer special promotions that can only be obtained with the download of the app.

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Make Your App Free to Users

Don’t try to attract customers to your business, and then make them pay to download your app. It is much more likely to bring in revenue if it increases your customer base.

Don’t Forget to Make Your App Android Friendly

Don’t isolate your Android-using customers. Chances are, they are probably a little bitter about being left out on other apps already.

Yes, having an iPhone app is integral, but don’t forget the other 50 percent of the market share.

Make Sure Your App Has a Purpose

Your app should not just be a repeat of your website. Make sure your app is original, solves a problem, or entertains your customers. Otherwise, what’s the point of having one?

Understand Your Users

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Survey them to determine their needs. Ask them what features they would find helpful on an app for your business.

Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are apps. Be patient with the process. Understand that there may need to be multiple releases to make sure the app runs appropriately and is helpful to you and your customers.

Designing the Perfect App

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