Hypnotic Is An On The Edge Of Your Seat Thriller

If you are a fan of movies that will have you wondering what is real and what isn’t, then Hypnotic is for you.

When a detective (Ben Affleck) learns that his missing daughter and a string of high-profile bank robberies might be connected, he must go on a mind-bending journey to find his daughter and stop the secret government agency behind the madness. If you are thinking this sounds a little bit like Tenet and Inception, mixed with Taken, you would be right.

Action-Packed, Visually Stunning, Sequences

If there is one thing that director Robert Rodriquez knows how to do, it is deliver massive action scenes that are a blast to watch. Thankfully there are quite a few of these sprinkled throughout Hypnotic, and you won’t have to wait very long for the first one.

Every once in a while reality is shaped into something new, which provides some breathtaking visuals. The CGI isn’t always perfect in Hypnotic, but when it hits, it hits.

This movie has its fair share of heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled action scenes including chases, fights, and explosions. Each of which fits into the plot well, but also is a joy to watch on screen.

Filled With Twists and Turns

Probably the best thing about this movie is just how twisted it is. What seems like a straightforward enough story at the beginning, is shaped and molded into something truly baffling – in a good way.

The longer the movie goes on, the more things are thrown at the audience that will have them shaking their heads in disbelief, wondering how they missed the clues and hints. While some of these are a bit on the predictable side, they aren’t all that way. I promise you there are a few that will leave you in complete shock.

Incredible Acting

Ben Affleck isn’t the only one who gives this movie his all, delivering on a performance that will have you rooting for him the whole way through. William Fichtner is immediately pegged as the bad guy – those of you who have seen the trailer even know. He is scary and able to give those watching him goosebumps just with a look. He is intense, terrifying at times, and one of the best parts of the film.

As for Ben’s lead co-star, Alice Braga, it should come as no surprise that she is also fantastic in this movie. Her lines give viewers some comedic relief every once in a while, but overall she just might be the most badass and powerful character of the whole bunch.

Overall Thoughts

Hypnotic is an action-packed thriller that will blow audiences’ minds. The entire third act, which I can’t talk too much about for fear of spoilers, is a jaw-dropping sequence of events. Viewers will be leaning in close to the screen, trying to take it all in, as they work to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together before they are revealed to them.

The plot, the acting, and the massive action scenes make this an absolute must-see on the big screen. It just will not be the same if you put it on while sitting on your couch. Head to a theater so that you can experience Hypnotic with others who will be just as blown away (and confused at times) as you are.

The movie flies by at just over ninety minutes, so you should have no problem sticking around for the mid-credit scene. Trust me, it is totally worth it and will have you thinking that maybe, just maybe, there will be a Hypnotic 2.

Hypnotic releases in theaters on May 12th.

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

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